Changes in Iban are not by throwing their leaders

Responding to an article written by YB Voon Lee Shan at The Broken Shield.

Either way, BN or PR, changes in the Iban should not be done by throwing their leaders who are in BN or PR. Today, just because they wants to win the election, PR ask the Ibans to throw away their BN leaders. And, maybe tomorrow, the BN (who could be the opposition, if they lost the election) will also ask the Ibans to throw away their leaders in PR. All in the name of CHANGE.

How would it be like, if the BN in Kuching urge the Iban members in DAP to throw away YB Voon in the name of change. BN battle cry – CHANGE we MUST in Kuching – THROW away YB Voon for CHANGE to happen!

YB Voon, the Ibans do not need politics to change. And the Ibans thank the other ethnic group to realise us that we need to change in order to run as fast as you, the Chinese.

Yes, we need to change. But the changes are only successful if we allow ourselves to change. It is us who will change. And, it has nothing to do with politics but education.

Because today, our top priority is not education and to be driven by our economical will, the Ibans will not be able to change. And, whatever bylines, tag, or battlecry this politicians use in their campaign for change – it will not work.

The Ibans are not educated enough to know the meaning of change. And to educate them is not through politics (unfortunately).

If it was politics, the PBDS era was the strongest the Iban have achieved. The CHANGE that time failed because the Ibans do not have the right education and financial will.

How could we run a country when we have not enough managers and financial experts?

Anang kempen mai pemenci ngagai rakyat tang berkempen mih ngena cara ke mai pemanah ke bansa kitai.

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  1. Kati baka kak lari pengelaju Cina? Tolong explain? Buka Pub(ruai kitai, ruai apai, segala jenis ruai), ngambik kontrek perintah, nipu, smuggling??

    What kind of Education level should the Iban attain? SPM level? STPM level? Degree Level? Master / Phd? berapa manyuh iban graduate kerja enda menyana. Anti bulih pengawa perintah, asai bulih ke jackpot 6/52.

    Madik aku madah kaban ya abih form 5, udah nya bulih kerja ba Government. His friend is more well off than him. Ulih meli kereta, ulih meli rumah, ulih merik apai indai.

    Madik aku is earning RM1100 as a lecturer ba local college. Hutang Ptptn pedih kak bayar.

    Berapa kali minta kerja perintah, enda meh bulih. Biar ya enda kisah ambik pangkat baroh laban gaji bala SPM level ba perintah is more than 1.5k(termasuk elaun and travelling).

    Kekalu “shallow” jako diktok kaban..

    I know you are doing good thing for the community but it is too much of a face value.

    Please explain the Right of IBAN in this country than promoting education. Education tok udah dikerja ke bala cikgu or Education Department.


  2. Unggal Empaling,

    I digress. Actually, I think your argument’s the one that is ‘shallow’. Nama kebuah? Nuan ngambi chunto madik nuan enda bulih kereja ba perintah and comparing his salary (kerja enda menyana) to his friend’s who is working with the Government.

    Unfortunately, therein lies the root cause and dilemma the Dayaks face today. We think because we are Bumiputera, that we have the right to ask, no, to demand, that every single things in our lives be given to us on a silver platter. Jobs, education, handouts, scholarships, funds, contracts, everything! Where is our spirit of entrepreneurship, our hardworking, preservering attitude, the ‘bejalai” concept and our egalitarian values (the bravest, smartest etc)? I have been exposed long enough to a society that does not promote meritocracy to know that we don’t want that for our people. We Dayaks should learn to fight, not only politically, as some would think, but also academically and in life. You might ask, Unggal, ‘Eh, kitak 105tonnes, nama kita reti ka enda bakani ngasai idup kereja enda menyana?’ Trust me, Unggal, I have. But, I never give up. Once you give, you lose to the system. It’s the system we all want to change. But if you can’t change the system, evolve, innovate, create, upgrade! Don’t be a sourpuss and give up hope and sulk like a big baby. CHANGE WE CAN? Change our mindset too lah. Look at our CHinese and Indian friends. They know, they cannnot get handouts, they strive and struggle to survive. Kitai? Tepuk dada tanya selera, ko sida laut..

    It’s your right, like you said it to change your leader but don’t you think it’s your PEROGATIVE to change our mindset first? What good will changing leaders do? You think it wil change the existing system? No. Trust me, I know.

    Unggal, like your brother’s case, your madik probably didn’t get a gomen job owing to a few factors. I will be happy to explain to you those factors. And your madik could be applying a degree/diploma level position which is fairly limited in number (not to say has many specifics etc). The friend could get Gomen job because there are at least 5-6 form 5 level jobs for every officer level jobs. Can you see the disparity in job numbers? Plus, with at least 130,000 fresh graduates every year, competition for SPA jobs are huge. Again, many specifics to consider. Tell your madik, this job is but a stepping stone not a work till the end. Surely, he/she will get a better job next time. Don’t wait for people to do it for you but you do it yourself.

    Education, no matter what level you attain to, is IMPORTANT. It’s what differiates you from others. If you don’t believe in the value and benefit of education, that Unggal, is the downfall of the Dayaks. Only with education, can you then stand up for your rights. Only with education, can you stand up to repression and pemula orang.

  3. Agree with you Mr, 105tonnes. But here is the real deal, as long you are in Malaysia, policy of racial discrimination will plague every Dayak sampai ke lubang kubur. Kak ngerja ke tanah NCR, enda ulih. Kak minta di survey, di tanggang perintah..

    Nyak meh kita bala Iban migrate to better place like Johor, KL, or Dubai where there are more job offer and better facilities. Ninggal anak, bini, apai, indai, rumah panjai. Nasib zaman ngayau udah berlalu. Langsung nadai org ba rumah panjai. Akik inik nyadi welfare department, nyaga ucu laban parent sidak ya alu belilang.

    No doubt education is important but if you can’t get opportunity on your own land then what’s the point to fight here. Ulih kira nuan berapa manyuh bala Sarawakian berpindah ngiga pengidup lebih menyana ba nu bukai. 40, 000?? Ulih mukak sigek daerah iban ba johor.

    Nuan tok berjako nitih ke ati jak. Sigik nyamai jako and self motivate chak. Ulih merik lecture the whole. Cukup nipu diri empu. My patience has run dry after 45 years..

    What say you? Puas aku berunding baka nuan. siko dua jak berunding baka nuan compare to sejuta berunding baka UK (who give lecture on how to blog, to VIPS, my gudness.. what a joke)…!


  4. Empaling, correction.

    I did not lecture on how to blog but explaining how a WordPress blog works. There are not many of us in the room, so I presume you were not one of my audience, hence, you may have gotten the wrong information.

    Last year, there was a similar session organised at Curtin University and was attended by some of the BN leaders.

    Unfortunately, non of our Dayak leaders (either from BN or the opposition)join. It was FREE some more.

    Anyway, learning how to use WordPress is a big industry elsewhere except Sarawak. It could be a joke to you but it is the “IN” thing for web developers throughout the globe.

    I am glad you have managed to learn the technology via the various WordPress and Blogspot blogs.

    Cheers kaban.. anang ringat-ringat tumu pagi tu ahh.

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