Borneo Warrior

I picked up this comment from a post at The comment was posted by Tiyung Dayak.

To Miss Kepayang,

Mr. Tedewin, Mr. Broken Shield and I are casual friends. Yup, I know that Mr. Tedewin has been appointed by Syabu as his media rapporteur, as he got lots of experience in psychological warfare marketing. Am I right, Mr. Tedewin? Heh! Good for him lah. Anyway, Mr. Broken Shield and I are just doing our part on voluntary basis, lah!

As I said previously in the Broken Shield (in response to your comment), we do admire and respect each other’s beauty, intelligent, intelligence and intelligentsia…

Mr. Tedwin Ngumbang is the author of Borneo Warrior which is hosted at one of the free blogging providers available on the Internet.

We remembered quite well that Datuk Patinggi Jabu is ignoring bloggers and their blogs. However, we may change that perception today, if the comment posted by Tiyung Dayak is correct. Could Borneo Warrior be the cyber voice of Datuk Patinggi Jabu?

Is this a strategy by Datuk Patinggi Jabu to keep Tedwin at bay, having hearing news that Tedwin may contest the Layar DUN seat in the coming election?

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  1. Hiya James! I’m doing a Google search looking for my Tiyung Dayak fruits and I’m “pretty amazed” that some of the fruits were exported in here…

    Well, my suggestion (to you) for tonight’s menu is: either you make a very “spicy” Tiyung Dayak sambal or cook salted fish soup with Tiyung Dayak fruits or a combination of both… Heh! (read: …)

    Anyway, as I always said in my blog and other blog(s), “(a) rumor(s) could become(s) a BIG tumor”. Najib is also rarely blog (according to other sources), but, he relied of information summary provided by his PAs! Well, in Jabu’s case, if not Tedewin as the “informer”, then Rentap could be another “informer” lah…


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