BN to field a new face for Batang Ai?

An article posted by Johnny Chuat at the Ruai Kitai forum yesterday mention that a new face might be fielded by Parti Rakyat Sarawak to take on the opposition in the coming Batang Ai by-election.

This unofficial source may put to rest the speculated names of potential candidates for the by-election. Hence, the “N”s of BN will be a “M” then.

On the opposition camp, there is no confirmed source to name their candidate yet. However, SNAP is keen to field their own candidate in the by-election. If this materialise, then it is an indicator that the opposition parties are still not united in Sarawak, yet. If you ask me, I’ll put my bet on SNAP! Why would I want to give my vote for a West Malaysian based party? Who understand the Ibans of Batang Ai more, if not for a locally based opposition party. SNAP was partly born there, anyway.

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  1. I agreed with my fellow Batang Ai friend. Why should we vote for West Malaysia base party such as PKR. I rather vote for SNAP.Even if PKR win it does mean they can help the Iban. After all we have Sarawak based opposition party if need to vote for opposition. Better vote for BN. The choice for Ex-YB Jawah is a sign of the PKR has no suitable candidate and a big mistake. The 4 term MP has done nothing for over 20 years as a MP for Lubok Antu. He has been given the chance to serve, but does he really serve rakyat instead of for the benefit of himself. The BiG Liar who gives empty promises. The jump to PKR fro Larry Sn camp hoping that these peoples will fulfill his pocket. Not for Jawah and better get new face. Tq

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