Blogging from Batang Ai

Celcom hits its maximum

It was definitely a bad Sunday for mobile phone users in Batang Ai during the nomination day for the Batang Ai by-election. By 9.30 am, was not able to update my blog from either Celcom or Maxis.


Not all was bad, Maxis managed to connect me to the Internet via my mobile and my updates were posted to my Facebook.

Celcom apologise for the inconvenience and advise us to switch to either Maxis or DiGi.



I managed to meet a few blog owners while in Batang Ai. Here are some that I spotted.


This blog owner record the packed bazaar, while being watched by a DAP supporter. You may view the photo taken here.


The journalist who runs Sri Aman News with Mr. Andy of Sarawak Energy.


Dr. John Brian (in cap) is the owner of


A blogger interviewing the police.


Blog writers from Sarawak National Party.


The writer of Johnny Chuat who is also a member of


Joseph Tawie, the owner of The Broken Shield, who is also a stringer for Malaysiakini.


To avoid unnecessary complication to my system, I choose this real instant noodle for lunch before heading for Kuching.

0 thoughts on “Blogging from Batang Ai”

  1. world is incomplete without blogger

    smart move to go for that – mee segera in BA :)

  2. DJ, the vid clip of “The Young Ones” almost ended you in contretemps if the datins were around.

    Luckily, Sri Aman is not a good business area for GROs (the real species).

    Well, the male version of Sulu Injau by Datuk Seri was good.

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