Bloggers give back to the Penan

SMS message received at 8.36 pm
Buss. Mayuh mai bala indai penan d spital ndak makai. Sapa ke ngatur utai tu?

The bloggers in Miri received a late SMS from a patient at Miri General Hospital last night. The SMS reported a group of Penan from rural Baram was at the hospital and do not have enough food during their stay in Miri (while attending to their pregnant wives).

The bloggers then sent packet halal food to the Penan and we are glad we have done our small bit to put a smile on our fellow Sarawakians.

The situation is real and we do not have to wait for the government or the opposition to assist those in need. have posted an article about the Miri Citizen Shelter which shall address similar situation in the future.

Sad enough, the readers of are more interested in what is happening at the local political scene and when it comes to the real thing – the comments are nil (as of today).

That just to show who the readers are and what they are capable of.

SMS received at 10.19 pm
Trima kasih buss. Dah siap makai sida.

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  1. Sapa ke nadai makai tu? Apai ia ke nganjung bini beranak tauka indai ia ke ka beranak?

  2. Brother,

    Do not mind the blogger.

    Lets go back to the coin analogy.

    A picture on the coin clearly show Agong’s head. In those day, the jews asked jesus, is it wrong to pay tax to Caesar?

    Jesus reply, give back to Caesar what’s belong to him and give back what belongs to God.

    Hope you can relate this story to your good doing.

    If you understand what Jesus trying to say then never mix social responsibility with politic/business opportunity.

    Your good deeds will be blessed and acknowledged by Him… not the blogger.

  3. Tabi Tuai Rumah UK,

    Aku minta ampun laban ketegal enda olih datai ba ruai nuan di Panggau Libau baka ke lemai tu.
    Aku diatu baru datai di Sayat, rumah panjai Jawah anak Gerang.

    Aku minta tolong nuan ngenatai ke jako pesan aku ngagai Pehin Seliong ak. Wau ngambi ke ia enda iboh/kiroh nganti aku.

    Enti sema Pehin bisi utai deka dikerandau pelaba aku manah kitai betemu udah lempus pengawa di Batang Ai.

    Terima Kasih.

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