Anwar announces Jawah as PKR's candidate

Jawah Gerang

Despite saying that it is not right and proper (based on PKR’s tradition), Anwar announced that Jawah Gerang will be the candidate for the Batang Ai by-election in Kuching this morning, instead of at a longhouse in Batang Ai.

Well, that’s politics, we will always get surprises.

And to the confirm candidates, wishes them good luck. Both goes to poll with the intention to serve the rakyat. One will continues to develop Batang Ai based on the 2nd wave of the politics of development, while the later plead to develop Batang Ai, riding high on the wishes of the rakyat who wants changes.

One, we can see and the other we are looking at it elsewhere and decides if that is the way forward.

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  1. I agree with you that politics provides with us a lot of surprises. But history links us together and history has a funny way of resurfacing again and again.

    The Ex YB Jawah Gerang’s selection will be the beginning of the end of PKR if we link it with history. Sarawak’s political history I mean – Win or Lose, when some candidates are backed by the invisible hands of Sng Chee Hua one always know the outcome.

    Joseph Tawie’s blog The Broken Shield – when condemning YB James turns a blind eye to Sng Chee Hua’s role in manipulating the simple minds of the Dayak leaders in PBDS at one time, then PRS. From the beginning from the reign of its past Presidents. Leo, Daniel and then James.

    Now as the PKR attempts to fly its Dayakism Flag high with a view to capture Dayak majority areas, the familiar Chameleon in the form of Sng comes into the picture. From Kapit to Julau to Ngemah and Balai Ringin – majority Iban voter areas are mesmerized by Sng’s magical hat. Now in Batang Ai – what will happen now? Dayak Baru spirits will be laid to waste soon even before it starts – similiarly with the Malaysian Dayak Congress. I am sure if one goes to Church one will get to sing this famous Hymm which sounds “What a friend we have in Jesus” as they worship the Lord for they believed in Him. Now we will hear in batang Ai – “What A Friend we have in Sng” as the Batang Ai Ibans get to feel his invisible hands. Dayak Unity’s about to hatch in batang Ai and we have Sng who have been cracking the egg shells just before it gets laid. Never min, the minds of the Dayak Baru teams will say – if we use him only this time. That’s what Leo, Daniel and James did last time and with predictable results. Let’s sing people – “What A Friend We have in Sng”.

  2. Patut aku meda iya kigang┬▓ tama CIMB batu 3 kemari. Ngambi duit ke di-pump org ngagai iya meh nya..tak syak lagi!

    Good Luck Jawah! Arap ke mujur serta nangkir orang ngentak ba Permatang Pauh ila.

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