Will there be a by-election in Batang Ai?

Despite the various posts in Dayak-authored blogs, I will wait for the official announcement by the Election Commission on the status of Batang Ai after the death of its ADUN, the late YB Datuk Dublin Unting.

State Election

If in the event that there is a by-election, then know that our Chief Minister will not be calling the state election soon (next year), as predicted by some political blog writers and party leaders. Then, that news should release the tension on ADUN members, on what they can expect of the CM’s decision and views on the coming state election.

To the Dayak voters, it means more time to think, analyse and decide if Pakatan Rakyat or the Barisan Nasional, will be their choice in the coming state election.

Dayak NGOs entering politics?

Extract from BN candidate for Batang Ai

What should we do
Therefor it is important we bring Dayak organization into the interior of Sarawak: SDNU/SADIA/SIDS / SDYA/Ex- Army Association and many more to act as the vehicle for Dayak to voice their aspiration.

By the tune of the contain of the post above, are we expecting the Dayak-based NGOs to give their support to the campaign by Pakatan Rakyat. I may not be a member of any of those associations listed, but I believe these associations should not be involve in politics, or at least the office bearers refer to their members first and get their consent before making their next move. I believe not all the members are into this action (if ever it is being done).

It will be perceive that this Dayak-based associations are being used by this small fraction of office bearers to pursue their political dream and mission.

Opposing the government policies in a better way

Where do we express our disagreement if the government policies or project or management is not up to our expectation? Take the example of the Miri sinking road, which I have been talking about. Do I go to the opposition and ask them to solve it? Or did I tell the SUPP leaders on what are they going to do about it. Which is the faster way of doing it?

I think who ever read me, must be reading it wrong. When I disagree, that does not makes me an opposition and when I agrees it also doesn’t make me a BN. Brader, let me tell you, they are so many other Sarawakians who are like me, and the number is increasing day-by-day. If the various political scene that we are seeing today, neither the Pakatan Rakyat nor the Barisan Nasional is gaining any popularity. Its getting out of hand and the rakyat is getting more sick than ever.. 50 years and this is what we get!

The rakyat is getting sick of politics. We thought this politicians are mature and we can look at them highly, but as the days goes by, everyone is making a second thoughts.

Go back to the rakyat and get their feedbacks.. maybe the units are not reporting correctly for as long as we give them a title – nuan meh nyadi tuai ke bala kita.

Within the units there is already a fight to be the best reporting units.. and it gets worst as the hierarchy goes higher. And in the end the information was distorted.

Finally, good ideas needs the right machineries to be a reality. Otherwise, good ideas that doesn’t happen will only be a dream. We do not want to dream too long, not at this hard time.

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  1. UK, while I agree on your take about the NGO & non/involvement in politics, I also think Cobold’s observation of “Programme Merakyatkan ekonomi” as quite attractive. I think the political and social landscapes in Sarawak require drastic change – there are a lot that could have been done but for many donkey years have not. It is ironic that Fed leader such as the DPM are only now seem to care hoot about the Dayaks (I wonder why now?); at it is implied (and we do notice) that indeed nobody is really listening. What could be expected from the people like you and I; to remain status quo and hope for the best? It is certainly making one think deeper if not a triger to take action.

  2. We hope to read more on what Cobbold have in his programme.

    Merakyatkan – to peoplised the economics.. hehehehe sort of kini. If I read it correct, we need a bigger population to sustain our local economics. A city without a big population will certainly not be able to sustain its economic and hence may become a poor city.

    Maybe Cobbold have a different view on this.

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