is like Oreo (without the milk)


I am sure many of you will agree with me that is like Oreo – now you see it, now you don’t. Ok, Pierce, I don’t blame you but I think that server needs some serious technical make-over.

I buys the printed version daily, but sometimes, we do read it online and link to the articles.. but if Sarawak’s top paper is as such.. aiyoooo… so typical Sarawak china man style. Lu mau bac lu beli la.. apa free; free!

Hei.. we buy the printed paper to see the Classifieds section lar..

Aden, if you are reading this — PLEASE do something!

8 thoughts on “ is like Oreo (without the milk)”

  1. Nama pun udah online news, therefore it should be available for access unless Borneo Post decide to make something like ‘buy paper’ or ‘buy online’.

    If The Star & NST can do it, I don’t see why Borneo Post can’t. All these small-small excuses ah… nyamai enda iboh ngaga berita online enti alang-alang, enda pia wai?

  2. borneo post and eastern times should be on par with the star or nst. their ‘send this email to friends’ option is not working at all, and i can’t even facebook the articles.

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