Sick politicians and kangaroos

We have read and view the news about the Kangaroos of Perak. All look good on the faces of the future Prime Minister and his men. That’s politics.. sick politics and sick politicians!

45 years of golden road

While UMNO or what ever it is celebrates their winning, we in Sarawak too celebrate for the track record of having the most gold plated roads in the world. Its yellow indeed and its real. Only in Sarawak.. ONLY in SARAWAK, baby!

Ohh.. silver colored too..

People’s reaction to the kangaroos

  • Najib’s poster under their feet but we hope Sarawakian wouldn’t do the same. Please keep our Sarawakian hospitality as our pride. Nak pijak poster, so what.. what can it change?

One thought on “Sick politicians and kangaroos”

  1. Dear Uchu Keling,

    You will be surprised that the frog-jumping techniques were started and perfected by Sarawak politicians. I do not know who jumped where and into what but it did.

    Then after the PRU 13, Anwar picked it up with gutso. He even chased the BN MPs to Taiwan when they went there for a study tour.

    Then finally Anwar was kicked in the backside when the very strategy close to his heart backfired, involving 1 BN ADUN, 1 DAP ADUN and 2 PKR ADUN. You know the story.

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