Rumah Dayak – post valentine treat?

I quote the following reply from one of the SEC of SDNU.

SDNU Supreme Executive Council meeting is on the 21st Feb and options will be tabled for the SEC to consider and approve.

The mechanism to deal with “Satok” Rumah Dayak is not important in this short feedback, but the bottom line is we have to stop is “unfortunate saga” by all mean in at the earliest possible time – including taking legal actions and outright sales of property.

I will update the next course of action after the SEC decide.


  1. Obviously the contractor failed to deliver, can’t we just terminate their contract?
  2. The lots were up for sales a few years back.. what is the status?
  3. Rumours said SPDP were to have their HQ there.. is that true?

We wait for a press conference on 21st Feb then.. on what will be SDNU next course of action on this ageing issue.

Kangaroos buatan Malaysia

Meanwhile, with the current political scenario in Perak, I have to agree with

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