Pujut 7 Potholes: technical and non-technical


I guess its better to be thankful to the Miri City Council (not updated yet to reflect the new mayor.. sorry yah) for this short term solution to the potholes along Pujut 7 highway (the way Nadai Nama termed it – any road that is 2-lanes is call a highway).

Photo taken at 9.50am today shows men filling the holes at various pots along that highway. Filling – pick up a spade, scoop some tar and dump it in the hole.. and leave.

I don’t blame the men at work, since, probably they have not been send for training on proper road maintenance. The engineers (may be) but heck.. its the work of another division.. and so on!

Resort City

Yahh.. we are a resort city and we need to feel like in one. Full of green and exotic travel/rides on our road. That’s truly Asia – city with holes and sinking welcome.


Errr… I will tell my visitors, yes we do. We have a blanket WiFi with potholes at major housing areas. Yalarr yalarr potholes again. Yalorr.. WiFi potholes (no coverage in housing areas.. cause technically its a pothole). Hehehehee.. WiFi waahh so cool ahh you people in Miri. So advance meh?

Signal ada, Internet tarak ada. Our ministers cakap One year trial.. now oredi masuk 2009 – TWO years after 2007 launching.. pun masih on trial! Janji ada signal WiFi.. pun kira OK.

Paper report – indeed we are on track – hampeh! I do not know and understand who this WiFi providers are trying to serve. If its the people – bullshit, but if its the government sector – ya, you’ve got it right.

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  1. Some people who are too used to the Jalan Kampung will call a 2 lane road a Highway :) hehehe

    WiFi…i will say we in Sri Aman don have WiFi and the saying goes, better to have a bird in hand rather than two in a bush… :) you got one already so better I think… hehehe

  2. wifi? hahaha…aku rasa our ministers tak reti apa itu wifi la hahaa…ada signal tu ada la wifi, dorang tak tau itu boleh pakai ke tak hehehe….Resort City hehe,make me laugh la hhaha…i rasa malu n apa nak cerita about my town ni pabila kwn i dr semenanjung tanya…nama jak bandaraya peranginan…but whaat we hav????..nothing…bisnisman yg makin kaya..but miri stil macam dulu..cuma ditambah ngan jalan overhead jaak…kat KL sni dah nak runtuh overhead dorang…miri baru nak buat..pengiktirafaaan miri jadi bandaraya hanya mngntungkn pihak tertentu saja…penduduk golongan sederhana n miskin semakin terekan…dgn kenaikan harga brg n taraf hidup meningkat..hartanah/rumah harga meningkat…Kompany makin kaya coz banyak projek….rakyat makin menderita…kompany besar pun masih takut lgi nak melabur/buka kilang di miri…berapa banyak universiti di miri ada???cuma satu jer…sepatutnya lebih dari satu baru diiktiraf bandaraya….jalan berlubang sana sini…memang betuk miri semakin bnyk pendduk…tapi itu tak bermakna miri maju…banyk penduduk jer…jalan semakin sempit…

  3. “Filling-pick up a spade,scoop some tar and dump it in the hole…and leave”-than wait for your car and my car to run over the tar to flatten it-so very convenient.They learned this method from(JKR)

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