Bakong flood relief center


Last Saturday, I went to Bakong with Benjamin Chai to send some flood relief item. We went there under the Mercy Malaysia banner. The flood situation in Bakong is at its worst and most of the victims are worried about their paddy fields.

We urge the government to extend their assistance in term of giving away free paddy seedling for their coming planting season.

2009-02-09-bakong-02Mercy Malaysia sent basic items like toothpaste, tooth brush, baby pampers, women sanitary towel, soap, blankets, bath towel, mosquito coil, canned food and other stuff.

What happen to the urban Ibans?

During my days as a volunteer, I hardly noticed any Ibans involvement in helping the flood victims. Maybe they are too busy politicking and forgotten that their own race are in need of assistance.

Thank you to the Malays, Chinese, Orang Ulu and Indians volunteers who have come forward to assist the flood victims in Ulu Niah, Suai, and Bakong areas.

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