5 hours of my Sunday

How did you spend your Sunday afternoon? Mine – 5 hours of the beach!

Fishing at Pulau Melayu peninsular

First stop: The man-maded peninsular after the Piasau Golf Club. This spot is a favourite spot of anglers in Miri. For two hours I spend there, I hardly see anyone caught a fish! Well.. maybe it was a bad fishing day, but a hobby is a hobby.. hehehee..

Belacan and limau kasturi

Belacan and lime

Hmm… I love to eat limau kasturi (the green color lime) with belacan at the seaside. Its just feel good!


Semuan and Bubok Season


My next stop is the small stall at the old Lutong airstrip. Yesterday, they sell semuan (a type of shrimp) at RM6/kg. I bought a kilo for making fritters (flavour, salt, black pepper, and butter).

Taman Selera

Our aging park is still the favourite place to hang out with family members.




Try the rojak – local version of the fruit salad. Its made of cucumber, fried bean curd, pineapple, bean sprout, cuttle fish, a little chilli and local rojak sauce. Price starts from RM5 a plate.


The satay is also a must-eat item at the Taman Selera. Price starts at RM0.30 sen a piece.

Disaster cost us money

The City Council need to look into long term measure to curb this natural disaster. The recent bad weather may have caused more damage than we expect.


We would not encourage parents to bring their little children to the edge of the jetty. The railings have fallen off due to the string waves dring the bad weather last few months.


Without this pavement, the stalls at Taman Selera would be wash away by the strong waves. Urgent attention required to save our favourite spot from being eroded away.

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  1. photo:
    1.If my eyes serve me right,you cast your line on rocks.ni bisi ikan di batu pantai, yu!
    2.Obscence look.Zoom too close.
    3.must be delicious I guess–abis
    4.Woah!bubok so big kah?-nice if fry with eggs,

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