The Year After Forty

Soon it will be my 41st birthday and I thought it will be better to have a new domain for my no.1 hobby – getting connected and sharing my thoughts with the whole world on this world wide web.

What about

I will still maintain it and it will still be online for my readers.


Tahun in Malay means year. And, the number 41 represent my age.

Why blog about it?

Simply because I love to blog about anything that comes into my mind. It keeps my mind and my fingers busy.

Comments by my readers

Well, I am not going to be responsible for any or all the comments made by my readers. What they commented on is all entirely their own views and they are responsible for it. If you find the comment offensive, do let me know, and, I will review it for further action.

Online Advertisement

Do I really need to put those ads on my blog and start making money? Well, the answers are – 1. it slows down my page loading = NO. 2. the payment is not as expected. They tend to steal the clicks from us.. how do I know? It just don’t match my server statistics – that’s why = NO.

So.. off goes the online ads…

Finally, you do not have to agree with me, but I would love to hear from you.



Uchu Keling

2 thoughts on “The Year After Forty”

  1. Happy 41 in advance… how do I catch with with your age man? By the way ‘Still’ or ‘Steal’ in the above post when you are referring to clicks.

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