The Final Countdown for forum

Dear members..

We are closing down forum soon. An official announcement will be made at when the time comes. Post your experience while being a member at RD, here, and treasure it in your hearts.

We are glad we have been there and all the good memories will be in our hearts forever..

P/S: Don’t ask me why the sudden decision for now..


Uchu Keling

1. The old forum at /portal was successfully removed on 9/01/09 at 9.50am

28 thoughts on “The Final Countdown for forum”

  1. The forum RD had been good, even if some unnecessary abuses might have been done.

    My suggestion, make a collection to start another forum.

    Do contact us.


  2. Hi Headsteadi, we will discontinue the forum. However, we will maintain the domain for all the community activities that we will be carrying out this year.

    It will still be a platform for Dayaks.. in other ways except that we will be stricter in moderating the comments.

  3. Extract from a comment by Seliong ak Wau.

    What this forum has achieved:
    (1) Social awareness on needs of fellow Ibans in longhouses.

    (2) Social contacts between Ibans from every corner of Malaysia & world over.

    (3) Exchange of ideas on livelihood ie businesses, job opportunities, home improvement (e.g. cooking), and personal development.

    (4) Dayakism pride; we are proud we are Ibans. This is very important, especially when all my contacts for the last 20 years are non-Iban.

    (5) Education in various forms.

    What this forum has achieved unintentionally:

    1. Spreading of gossips. Things like MJ become Muslim or Siti Nulhaliza’s Datuk K has another wife – Aiyaa.. ini orang lain punya pasal lah, don’t lah say them. We also want to have lah…

    2. Character assassination, even the character of your political opponents must not be mentioned by name – never. We only mention the issue, but not the person.

    3. Racial slurs – responding to postings in racially tinted slurs might not be good. Wait until we hear what others say about us!! Racial bigots are all over the world, true, but we have to look above that.

    Looking at all the above points, there must be some ground-rules that we can impose for the continuance of this forum. Things like “responsibility clause” at membership time could be an option. If we can eliminate the 3 “unintended” we realise there are far too many good things that RD has achieved.

    So, start a collection now…..RD members?


  4. headsteadi.. nadai jako nya, kaban. NO such intention but will always render support to those who deserve it.

  5. I was shocked and sad to hear that rd is closing down, hopefully for temporary.

    I have been a loyal member since many years, and of course had always been my internet favorite’s site. I love reading the forum and always proud to be the member. It is so sad to hear this news.

    IF possible please do not close down.

    On behalf of we will continue to render our support. Ngagai rumah kami sepiak ga, nemuai selalu.

    Co – Site Admin

  6. Hi Pemancha, we will only close the forum. We regret as much as you do, but on the other hand, is it fair to me, to be held responsible for what the users have posted?

    Our community service shall be on as usual and we look forward to meet the people of Suai and Ulu Niah soon.

    I thank you and the whole of community for their continuous support. We are only the second in line after


  7. Mr James Guang a.k.a. Uchu Keling,

    I think you know me through my nick..

    Well, what can I say, it is through RD that I got to know you and meet you personally. Do not be sad as your ‘loyal fans’ are all behind you to render our support. I know it’s not easy for you to close down RD but I can understand your predicament.

    Although I am not an active ‘user’ of RD but I do keep track of the comments posted in the RD forum. I found it rather disgusting to read those ‘racists’ comments & ‘gossips’. This is something that we should keep it mind in future and treat it as a good lesson to us.

    Lastly, please keep up the good work for the benefit of our community especially the needy ones.

    I also would like to express my thanks for your past support and contribution.

    Warmest regards & God Bless.

  8. Ngagai semua bala raban RD, tekenyit ga ninga forum kitai tu deka ditutup. Asai ati ti gagit serta gaga, meda forum tu ti bisi ngelamatu ketegal ari pengawa sida UK, diatu nyau betukar nyadi sinu serta kasih. Setiap pekara ke nyadi tetap bisi kebuah taja iya enda dipadah ka ditu. Baka ke enda selamat meh taun baru 2009 kitai tu leboh berita ke munyi tu diterima. Taja pia, ngena peluang tu aku minta ampun ngagai semua raban RD enti jako aku kala ngasuh ati kitai ensiban, ngasuh ati kita pedis; ngasuh kita enda nyamai; sigi dikingat serta dikenang selalu; beraie tetap beraie! Lelengau tetap lelengau!

  9. James, you know my thoughts. Some will see it as a reverse gear but retreat does not mean defeat but rather a strategy on how to achieve more with less. Your energy and talent should be focused on what you think your strengths are. Trying to fend yourselves against unwarranted attention by posts made by members (sometimes unknown) deprives your time, energy and new ideas. Hope to see how you transform UK or RD in 2009 into something more meaningful….it can go beyond foruming brader.

  10. A respond to those who ask why we are closing.

    When a user register with (RD) FORUM, you have agreed to comply and abide with our rules and regulation, that includes, not to post articles that content element of malicious, defamatory, untruthfulness, etc. But that was not the case. Our users still post articles that may be not true or false in nature.

    Even though our disclaimer wish to disassociate the forum owner with such postings, the law (probably) says otherwise.

    Hence, I was faced with a situation whereby I may be sued for posts made by the users of the forum.

    Not to make the issue complicated, it is best that I tender an open apology (on behalf of all the members and guests, to the person concerned.

    Legal issues are not things that we see for a day, a month and it may probably takes years to settle, and in the process it may open up so many other issues that we do not want the public to know. Adding to that, was set up to gather the Dayaks under one common platform in cyber space, and, through this Memorial Pictorial, we have achieve what we initially intend to do.

    Again, the setting up and the closing of this forum is entirely my prerogative, and, I decided that we close the forum for the time being, until I find a better solution to address or to minimise similar abuses.

    Nevertheless, all is not gone.. our mission to be a platform to the Dayak communities will still be maintain – in other ways, not necessarily via this forum. I assure you that, we will keep you posted on our activities via our blog.

    Hence, every now and then, we hear people calling for change.. Now, this is the time for us to change and be more responsible towards what we publish online and also be responsible for your own online lifestyle (its more dangerous than being offline!) Take note – being online, you are right in the middle of the millions of eyes who are watching you closely. Every single status update in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.. was being watched by the millions of users online. Now.. that is the bigger worry! forum is a small fraction of the Dayak online presence compared to those Dayaks who have registered themselves at Facebook, where, unintentionally, they have “open up” themselves to online social networking community. They are more there, a wider audience, where uncertain information make creates bigger wave than! In Miri, I believe members are only a very small fraction of the Iban or Dayak community. We have not reach the 200 target yet for active membership. This is clearly true when RD joint organise a concert in 2007 and the respond was not good. From that day onwards, it was a benchmark for us to reach out.

    As for now, I am responsible for the forum, and as such it is a definite CLOSURE.

    Hope that assist to explain.

  11. Dear James,

    My offer for housing it still stands. RD forum is been good and though there were some who ran it up and down, it will be good to continue… maybe under another person’s arms and legs. Anyway, should you think its ok to continue by others, let me extended the offer.

  12. UK, ni bisi forum Dayak ke bisi Business/finance/stock market. Giga aku dua tiga iti – nadai column nya. Area bukai aku enda nemu, enda teleba.

    Maybe, keep the business/finance/Stock market? Jako aja nya, wai.

  13. Udah makai, wai?

    Laun makai tengah hari tu, deka nulis aba RD dulu, takut di tutup UK…

    My idea:
    1. Maintain forum, but each writer must stand by the contents he has written. Each writer must include the clause, “This article is posted without the approval of RD which is also not responsible for the accuracy of the contents. Any reference or complaint to this article must be made to me in person and not to RD.” Be brave enough to provide name and contact number.

    2. Writer must stand by his article and monitor for negative comments/personal comment or foul language (eg Iban bodoh) and place a “red flag” to indicate disagreement. Moderator reserves irrevocable right to delete any comment found unsuitable.

    3. Forums like “Up Close with Dr John,” “Business Talk,” “Randau Jako Iban” are my favourites though one or two abuses of foul language were noted. Maintain as these are useful. Observe (2) above.

    4. Writers must not download from other sources, unless copyright is clarified. Moderators reserve irrevocable right to delete any such articles. Quotations that do not form an article are allowed in the literary world.

    5. Political comments are generally sensitive and better be left out. However political issues without naming anyone in particular can be discussed. Writers could write in parodies.

    6. Gossip “news” must be left out. Not all gossips in magazines/newspapers are true. Don’t carry them into the forum.

    Nya aja suggestion aku. Ka makai dulu.

  14. I agree with unggal SAW and its also sad to hear RD closed.

    Anyway, I’d like to congratulate UK for his patience, hard work and good ethic to help directly or indirectly our Dayak peoples in moving forward via this RD Blog.

    I do not see small achievement here but RD big success!! Don’t and never give up hope, stay focus in what you believe and move forward positively and progressively. We will success with many victories! Hidup Bangsa Dayak!!

    Take critism and discrimination as a challenge for our positiveness!!

    Champions are a rare breed. They see beyond the dangers, the risks, the obstacles, and the hardships.

    Failure is never in my vocabulary. Its never final and success is never ending.

    I’ll be around in most of our Dayak Blogs. At the moment, I’m active in Ruaikitai and DayakBaru blogs.

    I never lost a game. I just ran out of time.

    I, gkm2020, salute you Uchu Keling! Keep up the good job and find a any ruai avenue for our Dayaks.

    We will success with many victories! Hidup Bangsa Dayak!! Thank you.

    Regards, Dr George
    Maju Dayak, Maju Bangsa

  15. UK, much regret to learn about this news but I think you have made the right decision. When one get sued, it’s a personal matter. It’s not worth it unless you want to be like RPK. Anyway, you have come a long way in IT & internet and you could be easily get yourself as one of the most internet savy Dayaks.

    Writing negatively about other people in internet is not fair at all no matter how wrong and bad the person is. Like you have quoted “don’t do to others, what you don’t want others to do to you”.

    Despite your sincerity and effort in providing forum, the writings of certain forumers have proven to become your burden. No amount of disclaimers is sufficient as the power to edit lies with the owner of the website. That’s a hard fact. All these negative writings about others very much inter related to politics – and as you know politic is politic which is a never ending story. If you want to get involved in politic, it’s a different story – tang berani nebang berani ngesan ko orang.

    Best Regards, CA

  16. Patah Tumbuh hilang berganti….

    Anang nyabak kitai bala raban RD.

    This is only part and parcels of our journey.

    Life goes on people………..

    All the best UK..

  17. Oops! Just seen your open apology at So it is not related to politic then but it’s about paparazzi and gossip stuffs – seem heavy, who is she? Has she accepted your apologies?

  18. UK,

    I’m shocked and sad to hear that rumahdayak will be closing down. Even though I’m not really active like those days it was, but I still keep on track. I read and observe as usual. :) .It was an action of courage that you’ve taken today. All the best, and see you again in the new portal.

  19. you are still our captain…we just standby and waiting for your command!!

  20. UK,

    Wah…Tegezut ga aku kebendar iya. Sedih,taja aku enda active baka suba. Tang tutup sikijap jak kan. :D Ari RD tok tadi meh ulih betemu nggau bala kaban baru ari serata menua, kelebih gik baka ba nanga latak ditu. Terima kasih banyak-banyak UK.

    Looking forward for new look of RD. Keep it up UK.

    Thanks & Regards.

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