Taib's successor…

In respond to a post by the Broken Shield.

However, to sum up, the Dayaks especially the Ibans do not mind who is being appointed as the next chief minister be he Chinese, Malay or Iban as long as he is able to solve the problem of NCR land that has haunted the native landowners since the State government’s amendments of the Land Code in 2000. –The Broken Shield

I practically agreed with the author on this particular issue. It really doesn’t matter who is the next Chief Minister of Sarawak. He, who gives us equal opportunity, to the currently available opportunities, will be THE Chief Minister of the People of Sarawak.

Have Pehin Sri Taib gave the Dayak that opportunity?

To me, the answer is Yes. However, it was me (enda nyangkung bala kita Dayak bukai), who did not take that opportunity seriously. Any Dayak can register a business entity in Sarawak. Any Dayak can register his company with UPK/PKK and the local authorities. And, most of the Dayak entities would choose the easiest way to make money – “sell” the licenses to anyone that are willing to use them for tender purposes. Knowing that, they, could manage it by themselves, it is best to earn a little fortune from the  ‘prujek’ instead.

1. Dayaks compete to have the most Class licenses! Some even care to pay free EPF to engineers to keep the Class. At the end of the day.. the license is sold on contract basis. Quick money quick good living, and in the process kills other Dayaks on its path.

2. Tell me how many Dayak entities who register a company would engage an accountant to keep track of their business capital expenditure from day 1. If there’s any, it would come from the director himself to call me.. because it was a continuous hardship to fight the earlier group of Dayak business entities.

To these few… I salute you for what you have done – keeping your first receipt for the purchase of a RM1 purchase order booklet, and another RM1 for the purchase of a standard Made in China printed receipt.

3. Tell me if I am wrong – the Dayaks loves to talk about business but failed to employed an account clerk on the day their business is registered. The first few positions would be Director, director, director and director. Yes, they talk about accounting but they don’t practise it! The rest is for you (my readers) to comment.

Kati ka maju enti kitai empu ke nyekat pemansang runding diri empu serta cara dagang. We failed, and then, we starts to blame others..

That’s the attitude! And, it is for you to change.. especially the young Dayaks. The opportunity is always there. Use your knowledge and do not depend on the easy way out because only your competitor will show you the easy way out.

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  1. Your analysis on Dayaks failure in business is too naive to say the least, my friend. But after knowing your background, i dont blame u. My advice to you is that you need to read and mingle more. One more thing, brush up that English.

  2. Anak Dayak, yes it looks a little naive, I admit. Just a view from a small window with blocked angle, that was.

    1. The bigger picture is best discuss in real life, to reduce the wrong perception on Dayak businesses.

    2. In general, among those at our level, those are the issues that we need to look at.

    3. There are so much opportunities actually given to the Dayaks. But we seldom wants to discuss about it in depth.

    4. Ya, maybe I should read and mingle more and keep digging on how to make my first step.

    Note: The article was based on ONE real life story of how a fresh grad tries to be in business. Until today, the business have not kicked off yet for a simple reason – basic accounting. The business plan was well done, the cash flow looks good. The only thing missing is the capital.

    The banks, the financial institution all have good offer, but it goes back to – the missing capital.

    Hence, I advised this friend to start a little smaller, working on the easy to get loans of less than 10k.

    To this afternoon.. still zero and sometimes it is scary to read about million dollar projects!

  3. I may not agree totally with you but I support your right to voice.

    Well done.

    You will miss 100% if you take a shot.

    May GOD forgive and unite us all.

  4. Andy,

    It is your prerogative to agree or to disagree. And, I thank you for the support on our rights to voice out.

    When we voice out it doesn’t mean we are always right and that we are the model. No, it may not be as such.

    To me, it is just good enough for the rest of the Dayak to understand what is in my mind. I may not be as educated, as rich, or as able, to sit next to people who read this post.

    At my level and experience, this is it. Assist us if you wish because we will accept your views as a constructive feedback.

    Whatever it is, we still need one another to make the changes that we want to see.

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