Roti John

This shots were taken using my HTC while getting myself a roll of roti John at Boulevard Mall this afternoon. The roll cost me RM3.50 and the taste was great.


Except for the food handling (the staff could have been more hygienic if they wear some glove while preparing the food), the staff were friendly and most importantly they speak English. The place is frequently patronise by foreigner, so I guess, English is a better language to be use around Boulevard.



Thumbs up to the girl who prepared my roti john.

One thought on “Roti John”

  1. That’s a pretty long Jogn…I thoiught Roti John was the like ROti Canai but maybe Miri lain sket… hotels they prepare these dishes with gloves….but ifs a lady like that in ur picture who is preparing it I won mind.

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