Installing Windows7


First Impression

The installation procedure is very much like Windows Vista except for the few graphical changes. If you are used to install Windows Vista, then it won’t be a problem. The installation time was shorter than Vista (ghee thanks..) and in less than an hour, I have finished installing Windows7, Office 2007 Standard.. and continue with work!


While I am typing this post, Explorer 8 Beta version 8.0.7000.0 seem not compatible with my WordPress 2.7 dashboard.

The text goes ‘hidden’ towards the right side of this text area. I guess the guys at the IE lab need to work on it.

Hardware Compatibility

  • Windows Mobile Device Center was not included in the installation
  • HTC P3600i works fine
  • CanoScan LIDE 25 works fine
  • Brother FAX 2820 works fine
  • Olympus Cmedia XD Picture Card read and transferred fine

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  1. Guess what guys,.. right after I finished the installation, Windows7 needs TWO updates! Gheee…

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