I am moving to 41Tahun.com

Dear friends and readers,

From 12th January 2009, I will cease to blog from this address and will be available through http://www.41tahun.com

There will be no disruption and it is available for view now but will not be moderated.

http://www.uchukeling.com will still be accessible. However, it will no longer be updated and moderated and will be kept in its present state as archival material for a period of time.

I thank you for your continuous support and look forward to see you again at http://www.41tahun.com

Warmest regards,
Uchu Keling

Note: The content of this blog will be relocate to http://uchukeling.com/40tahun/ from 12th January 2009 onwards.

7 thoughts on “I am moving to 41Tahun.com”

  1. haiya kawan berapa kali mau tukar worr?? you make me wanna ‘renovate’ my blog too. ;p

  2. Headsteadi,.. as the politician always say.. “we’ll cross the bridge when we get there”..

    Hopefully no one buys the 42Tahun.com by then LOL.

  3. I thought uchukeling sounds fine and it’s sort of like your brand name already, why change? You might have to buy 42……99tahun.com just in case other snatched them.

    Good luck with the migration!

  4. Alex, thanks for the reply. The idea is to have the domain pointing to a subdirectory in this current domain…


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