Heartiest congratulations to Pehin Sri Haji Taib Mahmud


I would like to express my heartiest congratulations to our Chief Minister on his Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary on 13th January 2009.

Uchu Keling and Family
Ulu Krian, Saratok

14 thoughts on “Heartiest congratulations to Pehin Sri Haji Taib Mahmud”

  1. bro,

    grateful if you can contribute to our citizen blog news. we are paying. we are promoting fair, neutral and positive expression. no need to publish this one. m know you would read while moderating


    abdul hakim bujang

  2. Agree 100% to above comment we had enuf of that news arent all papers feeding us with the same thing..no offence let God deal with this taik family(s) Asai ka mutah meda taik enggau lila

  3. Its a wedding anniversary anyway! I may not agree with how he treated our NCR land, but let us focus on issues one at a time and at the correct agenda.

    Did we ever thought that when Datuk James Wong celebrated his, our Datuk Patinggi Dr. George would come to the dinner.. well, he did!

    Set aside the political differences for good reasons.


  4. His anniversary?? so what maioh org celeb anniversary nama enda engkah ditu?????????????

  5. JJG – I guess that is how the surfers treat creativity brader. I recieved too many kind words that i moderate my comments now. Don be surprise that these same people will be the one congratulating Obama. I am sad for these posters who look at a small tree only and kill it off without giving it a chance to let it grow into a forest :(

  6. Congratulate them for robbing, stealing, cheating the Dayaks and now with all the curses of the Dayaks , both are rewarded with cancers. If Taib mati , i will be the happiest man alive……

  7. Papung, what has a wedding anniversary got to do with robbing, stealing, cheating the Dayaks? That is totally a different issue.

    When people cheat, rob and steal, they get cancer? If any of your family members suffer cancer, maybe, you will not say what you have wrote.

    Probably, you should voluntarily help those cancer patients, young and old. They need you.

    One thing I can tell you, if Pehin Sri Taib dies, Sarawak will fall into a political crisis because everyone thinks they can lead Sarawak. Some even think they are better than Pehin Sri Taib. But one thing for sure, no leader in this world have done better than Taib in dealing with more than 30 different kinds of ethnic group.

    Deh kitai, bansa ke dua tiga iti ngeliling kitai, deh suah alai kitai ngeransik.

    Today, what we need is a moderate leader (like what he said at the Borneo Post). And, we have less of those people in our state.

    Think about it – anang nitih ke ati kelalu endar, enggai ke kitai di indik urang balat agi. Balat agi nuan ngeransik, balat agi nuan di indik.

    Be moderate, improve ourselves, and give ourselves a little faith in God, and I am sure we will be blessed.

    Cheers and selamat ari nam ngagai kita sebilik di sebarang alai diau.

  8. You don’t have to tell and teach me how to behave and talk.
    You think Taib has been moderate and si moderate in most of his actions and works towards the Ibans? If you think so than go ahead and praise him for all that.
    Nuan salah. Bansa kitai ukai deka ngindik apa2 bansa BUT what we want is that we be treated fairly and get what we deserve and ought to get.
    Policies practised by bansat nya meh siti teladan ke betul nunjok ke policy ‘bebagi and rule’.Kitai ke betuboh maioh disabong ia belaya enggau pangan diri and you and i are also besaut partly as a results of his actions and policies.
    Aku tu siko ari kitai bansa ke enda kala nundok ke sida ke nekan ke bansa iban laban 30 taun ke dulu suba i can sense that Taib is going to exercise his divide and rule policies against iban di Sarawak. Enda patut bala iban ke pandai baka kita enda ngasai and meda utai tu.Anang ketegal kitai ke ampit utai ke mimit lalu ngabur ke mata kitai ngagai utai ke besai ke ngujong ke bansa kitai majak di indik and ditekan ke bansa bukai laban ke deka terus bekuasa.
    Amat enda salah nuan meri pengaga ati nuan ngagai anniversary seduai ba website nuan tang laban web nuan ulih d accessed orang bukai lalu utai tu tau ngasoh ati orang baka aku ke ngasai ke penyai mensia siko tu ngagai bansa iban ngasoh ati chukop pedis .

    TQ. Cheers.


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