Flash floods in Miri

The worst is certainly not over yet. But that was all prediction and we only know that its correct when it is correct. In this case, the prediction was not accurate and here comes the second waves of natural disaster in Sarawak.

Over at Kampung Lereng Bukit, site of the landslide yesterday, our servicemen is still very much at work and in full alert. We are thankful that no one was hurt in the tragic event yesterday, but it forces people out of their homes.


Passer by are still curious on the status of the landslide (arrowed). I was not able to be at location yesterday due to the roadblocks at roads leading to the scene.


Elsewhere in Miri, flash flood are reported at Kampung Padang Kerbau, Permyjaya housing areas, and, from the photo below, our main monsoon drain along the Miri-Pujut Road is almost full. Some parts of Piasau Jaya have their drain at alarming level. If the rain do not stop, it will be another flash flood at Piasau Jaya.


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