Bak Kut Teh and Cyber Dedication


My morning started with a breakfast meeting with our insurance advisor, Raja Ular and his wife, Sengapa Rembang, Nimbak Guyap, Engkarung Lemai, my wife and son, Charles.

Since its chilly this morning, I ordered my favourite bak kut teh(with rice) and that should keep me filled until late afternoon.

Cats FM

Thank you to DJ Hamzani for playing my song over at Cats Fm this morning. I send the request over to Ham via my Facebook for all the flood victims in Sarawak with message – tabahkan hati dlm menghadapi cabaran alam.

We recalled the early days of Cats FM, when we started the Cyber Dedication Request show – Cybercatz, anchored by Face. It was fun to read request submitted on the mIRC #iban channel, which I created. The show runs for three hours every Sunday afternoon from 3-6pm.

I wonder what happen to the Pentium III personal computer that I donated to the conti.. That (the PC) was the link between the DJs and listener via the Internet that time.. powered by a 56k modem LOL. Besides, that we gotta queue up during their request show.. And, now, thanks to Facebook – where we can find almost all of Cats FM DJ, as well as other DJ at WAI fm.

Anyway.. get well soon Hamzani!

Fraud on Jaring Webmail?


The past few weeks I have been receiving an email supposely from CIMB about my account (so to say). which I never have. And, today I receive an email from Jaring over the WORST SPAM EMAIL error code – 334409!

First, I have never use Jaring Webmail and how could I receive this email! Secondly, it is my practise to do a right-click (over the email FROM, and click MESSAGE OPTION) over the email before opening it. In the screenshot above, you can see that the sender is from Australia. That’s a confirmed SPAM!

So, guys, before you open any email from unknown sender, do a check of the sender first because the moment you open that email, your email program will send a ‘confirmation note’ to the spammers to confirm that your email address exist and they will continue to send you more spam.

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