UchuKeling.com Christmas Greetings

UchuKeling.com would like to wish all Christians celebrating Chrismas, a Blessed, Merry and Joyful Christmas. May God bless us all and thank you for all the SMSes, emails and your presence at my blog.

Cheryl (in pic) is so anxious of her Christmas stokin.. LOL! Wait for tomorrow morning my little Cheryl. Your wish will come true.

Merry Christmas!

James Joshua

8 thoughts on “UchuKeling.com Christmas Greetings”

  1. Hey UchuKeling, Would like to know what CMS (Not the Taib-owned one) system did you use for your rumahdayak forum? I know it’s phpbb3, but what’s the cms addon? Looks fantastic! Can you shed a light?

  2. Hi Alex,

    I am using the following for RumahDayak.com

    phpBB Gallery
    This is the photo gallery for your phpBB3.
    URL: http://www.flying-bits.org/

    phpBB3 Portal
    A simple and powerful portal for phpBB3 Olympus
    URL: http://www.phpbb3portal.com
    Version: 1.2.2

    Mini Quick Reply
    This modification will add a quick reply form to the bottom of the viewtopic page. It is based on Evil Quick Reply developed by eviL<3 in 2007.
    URL: http://vogonhq.com
    Version: 1.0.0

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