Spring cleaning my notebook

The year is coming to an end.. and soon I’ll be 41 years old. But the one thing that I need to do at least twice a year is to clean up my notebook. In other word – just do a fresh installation, update the system to latest service pack, reinstall all the application afresh (urgghhh.. and the list of activation procedures).

List of Application

  • Adobe Photoshop CS (for my image editing and web interface).
  • Xampp – Offline webserver for me to test phpBB and WordPress before it goes online.
  • CoreFTP – to upload files to my web servers.
  • Microsoft 2007 – to do work, of course.
  • Firefox
  • Adobe Reader
  • Video Lan – for me to watch movies (less worries on codec)
  • Winamp – to push MiriFM live on the Internet (soon) + Shoutcast
  • SPB mobile applications – to get it connected to my mobile devices
  • ROXIO applications – to download my photos from digital camera
  • Games? – hmm undecided yet but always hope that Super Mario is available on PC (updated one larr)

All that on 01 January 2009 .. a day to relax after the New Year celebration (this year we’ll be celebrating at Indin Resort.. all night of beach BBQing, beer, wine and poco poco).

Till then.. have an explosive New Year Eve everyone!

Cheers from UchuKeling.com!! God bless.

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