Shopping for Christmas turkey

Its Christmas season again, and this year I am thinking of getting roasted turkey for the kids. The enquiries started and.. Mega Hotel is not selling (can’t find a halal supplier?), next is Dynasty Hotel, and they are offering take-away counter at RM30 plus per kg.

Any other hotel or food outlet offering take away?

Extract from Daily Mail

Updated: 24 Dec 2008
Made up my mind and book a bird at Dynasty Hotel.. will keep you posted on Dynasty’s turkey tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Shopping for Christmas turkey”

  1. try the bakery outlets kaban. few years back hot cross and ma baker used to sell roasted turkey at their outlets but not sure now though..

  2. 2 yrs back b4 moving to Kuching,i got my turkey from Deli Papa (or was it Papa deli) in Lutong for christmas. they have superb turkey. check it out then.

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