Penan elders goes to school and embrace the Internet

The news etxract may be a day late, but we are glad that the Government is sending Penan parents to school beginning next year. And, with e-jekitan, we hope to see Penan bloggers writing from rural Sarawak. And, that gonna be fresh news from their community.

Who else can write better except themselves!

e-Jekitan is not so Eee yet since (to me as my personal opinion); 1. they do not have a website – only the Government knows better what it is, 2. we are not sure how many computers are physically connected to the Internet via Maxis VSAT. Remember e-Bario? During the heli crash, reporters reported that the computers were not working except for one unit, which was the ONLY one connected to a very slow Internet connection. Well.. its still e-bario, anyway – the award winning project!

One thought on “Penan elders goes to school and embrace the Internet”

  1. If not for Bruno they will continue to be neglected. It was Bruno who highlighted their plight to the world that eventually forcing Taib and Jabu to take notice.

    Can’t understand this guy.

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