No froggie at Eastwood

14th December was supposed to spring some surprise for supporters of Pakatan Rakyat in Miri. That was not the case though. Some blogs were reported saying that a Dewan Undangan Negeri member would be announcing his cross-over following the footstep of Beragum (YB Gabriel Adit) who joined PR recently.

SMSes were flying here and there between last night’s audience at Eastwood and those who couldn’t get a seat at the dinner event. It was reported that about 5,000 supporters came to hear Dato Seri Anwar delivering his speech and of course hoping to hear some major breaking news announcement.

Facebook users were equally busy with their micro updates.

Overall, we hope to hear some breaking news from PR’s upcoming event scheduled for 7th January 2009, just three days ahead of SPDP’s AGM to be held in Sibu, Sarawak.

6 thoughts on “No froggie at Eastwood”

  1. Hi Taib, facebook have the Status Updates feature. It works similarly to Twitter’s micro blogging. You should be able to see the Status Updates tab on your Facebook home page.

  2. LadyBird, no, I did not have the chance to go there because my relatives are arriving from outstation that evening.

    But, thankful to Sengapa Rembang for the ‘live feed’ from Eastwood, which I have shared with my friends at Facebook micro updates.

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