No complaint on the WiFi signal.. but

Hmm… while the users in Miri are talking about Internet surfing using the available “ON TRAIL” konon nye WiFi services, the authority keep talking about the WiFi services (I assume they are talking about the signal).

Go to Yu Lan Plaza now, I am sure you can get at least 2 to 4 WiFi providers (2 are from DeConneXion – the public funded service provider). Why public funded? They were given government fund to kick start the infrastructures throughout Sarawak.

Government fund means you and me, who have contributed indirectly via our wages, income tax, EPF, etc.

Now.. WHERE is the INTERNET portion of the WiFi stuff? Signal alone is not the benchmark to say it is TOTALLY COVERED!

Can all Mirian start to pump the complaints to their whatever channel because when we don’t OFFICIALLY WRITE IN, the government view it as NO COMPLAINT being reported.

That’s the way the government work! WRITE WRITE WRITE and when come to action.. blurrrrppp!

Note: WiFi with the Internet features disabled is like eating our french fries without the tomato or chilli sauce.

9 thoughts on “No complaint on the WiFi signal.. but”

  1. I would say it’s like cars without wheel. It’s totally useless. If fries without the ketchup or chilli sauce, at least you can still eat it.

    I have yet to try out deconnexion (miskin bah, no laptop), the last time i used it is a few months back and it was totally unstable. We end up using some other shops wifi network :D

  2. Gemini, there is no improvement to the Internet portion of the whole project. Hmm.. maybe they did not pay the internet bill, probably. Or, the Internet is not under the spec of the initial tender.

    The only thing we see on their website is the increasing number of hotspots.

    Hotspots to them is their WiFi signal and not the Internet!!

    Cars without wheels – u can still sit inside hahahaha..

  3. Uchu Keling,

    I believe there are some areas in Miri where u can use deconnexion easily…

    BTW is it really a GOVERNMENT PROJECT or just your assumption that it is a Government Project since ALL the Miri’s YBs are so excited about it..

    Please get ur FACT RIGHT my friend…

  4. Self Proclaimed “Uchu Keling”,

    just for ur info, ba menoa nuan d Pasar Saratok bisi meh deconnexion coverage…madah aja,

    Bakani tusut nuan enggau sida Keling….? Just curious..

  5. Anak Mit, please read

    I have never said that I do not want to use DeConneXion. As a matter of fact, we in Miri, are really looking forward to use this service if its cheaper (or at the same rate as any other broadband provider) and less problem.

    However, the service provider have only succeed in providing the WiFi signal but not so much on the Internet connection.

    The trial period almost comes to an end (end 2008) and we in Miri have not heard any latest news on this service.

    And, for your record, I am not a self proclaimed Uchu Keling. The late Keling anak Jalang is my grandfather.

  6. Wat,
    I have tried connecting in town, surrounding my office at the Pujut Flyover, near ILP, near a few other hotspot.

    Yes, I can connect to the access point, but I cannot surf.

    Hence, I assume the trial period is limited to a free WiFi signal but not for the Internet connection.

    On the funding of WiFi Broadband in Sarawak, refer :

    “The State Government have approved RM2 million of public fund to kick-start the project. And now deConnexion is asking for another RM100 million of public fund to expand its coverage including to provide 250 hotzones throughout Sarawak.”


  7. The deconnexion is really totally useless. The communication tower is just at the back of my office, yes you can get the signal and connect, but when it come to surfing, i think the dial-up faster than it.

  8. I think when they start charging the speed should improve dramatically. Currently under the pilot trial project it is free so most of the server ports are taken up. I can assure you its the same with the WiFi in Australia that is why i have a wireless 3G card instead for a stable and fast internet access.

    Not that I am supporting the govt for the poor services provided but here are the facts. Actually Malaysia is still lending money for our infrastructure projects and the taxes we pay are still not enough and besides our low income taxes, many people do not earn enough to pay taxes or they under report their earnings to evade taxes. In Aust, we pay 40% tax minimum.

    Love it or hate it, you can go support opposition party but I doubt you will see changes cause making things work with low budget always gives limited results no matter who is on top.

    BTW, DeConneXion belongs to Sacofa which in turn is a Sarawak Govt owned private arm. Should the services be free, i would say no cause anything free = poorer service in the end. But then since it is a state owned company, it should be fairly priced so all can have access to it.

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