Jabu vs. Dayak bloggers

It looks like our DCM Datuk Patinggi Jabu is at war with one of the Dayak prominent blogger. The DCM, armed with the local Sarawak media, while the later armed with an Internet blog read by Sarawakian especially the young voters. This young voters are among the 2 million new Malaysian voters who will cast their vote in the coming election.

And today, the DCM blamed Bruno Manser for what has happened to the Penan community – lack of development and being backward in term of education and others.

How could one man created so much issues towards one government? Or, is the government, not doing enough for the Penan community (in actual fact)?

Isn’t it great to see One-man Bruno vs. One-State Government!

7 thoughts on “Jabu vs. Dayak bloggers”

  1. lack of development is cause by government. not bruno. bruno is trying to help the community with empty pocket, jabu has full pocket but not a single cents out of his pocket.

    anang belik meh wai jabu. ndai gik urg iban belik ka ninga jaku d……

    say NO to jabu

  2. Mr. Jetty, I don’t see it as an Internet war yet simply because our DCM has not embrace the technology yet.

    We are not sure if he have an email (and writing, replying emails), far, if he owns an online journal (they don’t call it a blog, because a blog, to them is rubbish).

    Its still you with your blog and the printed media + RTM.

    Don’t worry, people (including the national media) are reading your writings. That includes students, new voters, and most importantly is that you continue to write about the real situation on the ground.

    We all knows the print media will only publish what is good to them and not getting their license revoke.

    The paper is their business and the blogs is our reading material.

  3. This whole thing about blaming Bruno Manser or BMF is sickening. And stupid. Jabu should update himself with the people on the ground, all the stupid things that he has caused for many decades. Undo (ctrl z) all the corrupt stuffs that his government has done first. Otherwise, Jabu will not stop blaming everyone else but himself.

  4. uchu keling is pro BN..he always praise Jabu..but when (J)ang (A)ku (B)ansa (U)lun slammed dayaks..uchu keling says nothing..bull shit UK

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