DeConneXion WiFi, Miri City

After so much personal effort – chasing WiFi signal in Miri, I finally found one that is considerably good and its connected to the Internet! The discovery was made on Saturday night while attending a friend’s house warming gathering at Luak Residences near the Luak Esplanade.

Yahh.. Ok! Maybe it is the school holidays and the teacher trainees are mostly back in their hometown. Or, maybe the population surrounding Luak Bay have yet to join the WiFi-enabled community.

Knock knock.. eeRrr.. when will the residents of Taman Tunku, Taman Futtee, Taman Da Sing, the pig farm owners gets to enjoy these infrastructure? Well, I hope its soon, since the extended free trial period is near its end.

If you are having a good connection, do share with us all.. we would love to hang around your neighbourhood over a cup of coffee.

3 thoughts on “DeConneXion WiFi, Miri City”

  1. 10:26am Aiyoooo! signal good, but Internet damn lousy! Cheh.. now back to my 3G connection.

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