Anwar Ibrahim gotta get it right

During his visit to Miri recently, the Opposition leader told his supporter that he shall bring the NCR issue to Parliament this week.

By the look of the photo above, taken during the opposition dinner at Eastwood Valley in Miri, Datuk Seri Anwar sure need to get the facts right on NCR – Native Customary Rights. It is NCR and not NRC as printed. And, we Dayaks, are Malaysia – we are not a nation on our own.. If we are a nation of our own, then we do not need the Pakatan Rakyat to speak for us.

Hence, get the right facts before you mention it in Parliament, otherwise you will only make the Dayaks looked upon as a clown.

15 thoughts on “Anwar Ibrahim gotta get it right”

  1. Maioh utai salah ba banner nya. “Dayak Nation Krisis”.. Krisis dalam BM. Crisis baru betul.

  2. banner salah komplen- taib meri kitak makai tai nadai kala komplen ba kitai tu scared and afraid to step out of our comfort zone biar pun di indik Taib diau meh where is your semangat pahlawan iban?? banner silap type jadi issue..there are more things out there than THAT TYPO BANNER come on lah that is little thing lah maioh issue bukai ulih engkah ba blog tu..well oopss forgot this is your blog can write whatever you want..but u put ur blog for open comment kan?? well in guess as usual kitai tu pandai komen aja lah NATO!

  3. At least bisi ga orang bukai ka mai issue Dayak ke parliment ni bala dayak empu kala ka mai issue dayak ke parliment..takut orang ketawa ke dayak konon don t you know orang dah lama ketawa ke bala dayak tegal kitai tu enda kala ka seati enda kala ka betuai ke Allah taala betul2 selalu ngembuan ati cemburu ke pangan diri ka amat ke nyabung ka amat betuai ke cap apek kelalu ka ninggi diri so orang mikir kitai tu baka clown is not new..nadai sedar kitai dayakkah?? nadai nemu bala kitai kah (isn’t that a big JOKE)yang kitai dayak tu make up 50% swak population tapi DI ULUN minority melanau suku TAIB what is more ‘clown’ than that little banner mistake is nothing compare to our own Dayaks selfish mistake .. attack me if you want..i couldnt care less..truth hurts!!

  4. Who ever the government of the day is, we still need to develop our own NCR land. Because it is idle, that is why the government decided to develop it for us. If we can prove to the government that we are capable to develop our small piece of NCR land, I am sure they won’t do anything to it.

    Bottomline, it is still the Dayaks themselves. While I can only say as such, but I can’t work for the rest of the Dayaks (enda ulih nyangkung raban Dayak ke bukai) except to work on my own NCR land.

    It starts with ourselves. Anyone can say anything, but the majority who put the government to power is the winner in the end.

    Vote wisely then.. and for the time being, we only hope the DAP can voice out the various issues on NCR land at our own Dewan Undangan Negeri, which is the more appropriate avenue for discussion.

  5. jabu, wot are u doin wit SALCRA?

    profit per month are very small.

    chickening out when sadia brought observers from overseas..


  6. Where is Yang Berhormat bansa Iban diatu…(YB) tinduk ke yes boss aja (YB)

    To our YB do you dont have sympaties to your own people…
    Why not all of you YB make this issue to parliment..Nama kebuah mesti orang bansa bukai..We vote you to take care of us not vote all of you for the money..we were not correct,correct,correct…

    Jabu,Masing,Mawan,Uggah,Nyarok,Jelaing,Joseph Salng,Joseph Entulu, and the other please help your people about all the issue about the Dayak society..

    If all you sincerly help your Dayak peole all Dayak will stand behind you..Enda patut kita enggai nyadi CM..chara ia mudah lari ari aki buban lalu berserakup semua and belive that all Dayak will support all of you tuai kayau Iban…

  7. Haroldz123, maybe we (eventhough I do not participate in the scheme) should read SALCRA’s report first. A few days back, there was a press release by SALCRA on the matter.

    Samuel Sila, I have always been wishing for that to become a reality. We rally behind the leaders with great hope that they will look after the Dayaks (as their first priority). However, the rakyat felt differently. It seems that their good work has not reached the Dayak (the youth in particular).

    If we read blogs from Sibu, Sri Aman, Betong and Saratok, we could see a lot has been done by these Dayak leaders. However, their activities has not been publish well by the media (simply because there are limited reporters in the rural areas to cover all the events) and other major towns and cities news took centre stage.

    Hopefully, these Dayak leaders starts to create (and being updated on daily basis) their office blog (I repeat Office Blog and not personal blog) so that, we, the rakyat, knows what is being done, has been done and to be implemented in our respective areas.

    The role of Jabatan Penerangan has not been effective in reaching out to us, hence, it is the initiative of these Dayak leaders to disseminate development reports, information and activities IN LAYMAN TERM language.

  8. Ohhh can’t help myself from posting comment, sorry if i offended any1, ni bala Yb iban??? agai kelab maalam kitai ngirup nyabung baru ulih betemu enggau majority Yb iban, happy2 baru sida..cakap2 bohong ngisi poket diri empu baru sida baka YB menteri siko enda abis2 skandal gila indu ngabis ke duit butang… nya meh YB iban.. parai maku sida enti sida amat2 bejaku ke iban jauh sekali ka maca blog orang..I don’t understand nama meh kebuah bala rakyat milih sida nyadi pengari well i guess gospel is right the blind will lead the blind..iban YB ke diatu agik nyaga periuk asi diri empu. Do not ask perfection from anyone but hope that someone will know their responsibilities..enti ruai bilik diri empu enda terjaga keni ka nyaga Rakyat.period

  9. Typo didnt ask for perfection..Well thank you Mr Uchu keling for set up a blog where I can comment and vent my dissatisfaction…Sometime things are so frustrating and seeing my own ppl wasting their lives away is a mourning for me but with one voice what can I do? ..I pray hard that one day my people will come to realise that they are special in the eyes of God in the mean time i will keep on praying..Hopefully eventually God will hear the voice of the oppressed.

  10. Uchu Keling..sorry if I’m impolite to you..Why u always backing those dayak leaders especially Jabu when sidak iya kena kritik..hmmm may be you got some share with’s an open secret kitai dayak di kemelik ka bansa diri empu..well it’s your blog anyway…

  11. Akuler, LOL.. that’s practically OK and no, you are not being impolite. By the way, do I sound like I am backing our Dayak leaders? Ghee.. and how I wish I have some ‘share’ of the development that Datuk Patingi Jabu brought to Layar and Paku. How I wish I have those shares of good tar-sealed road like those in Paku in Krian up right to Ulu Krian.

    Anyway, I am not sure of that ‘open secret’ as you have mentioned, that the Dayak have been dikemelik ke bansa diri empu. Do we feel as such? It is not you or me who put Jabu to where he is now.. since you and me did not voted for him (well unless you are registered in Layar). Neither do you and me voted for the Chief Minister since we are not registered in Mukah. That is just the way of democratic system works.

    No one has ngemelik (make foolish) the Dayaks except ourselves (that is me and you). We have all the rights to vote for our choice and the results is there to be seen. We cannot blame others for whom they have voted but we wish we could influence them better the before next round begins.

    Why have the so-called opposition failed in Dayak areas? I guess they have failed to ‘experience’ the real hardship of the rural voters. When I blog about bad roads, it means I have travelled on that roads – often that I get sick of it. I may be a member of a BN party but, with due respect to the DUN member, I have not voted for the BN candidate in my constituency – simply because I believe there are others who can be a better candidate.

    When they the opposition campaign about low prices of commodity, the rural voters have NO other choice but ONE – and that is keep taping rubber to survive. Whether it is RM1.60/kg or RM4.00/kg, the rural voters need all that income to survive. Their only option is the BN who have deliver what is considered as ‘just enough’ to this voters. The opposition can only say about low prices and probably not feel it at the same time.

    — more to come —

  12. Wake up iban…why trust our leaders anymore with many promises but not on big scale..we have oil, largest timber exports in the world etc etce etc etc..still we lacked behind education, employment, business..etc we stupid enough to allow Taib control of srawak?..if u wish it will happen many years to come..let our kids to suffer the same fate..change your mindset now or too late..
    I challenge u all, make a survey on all dayaks in Sarawak..out of 100% how many enjoy good job, education, internet access,, business etc etc etc..where all the Sarawak resources gone?..we have contributed much to the federal but we are like begging the budget from the a beggar in our love our future children from being like us today..we have been merdeka for 51 years..what have we become today..still struggle..?..while other community has succedded..dont blame ourselves all the same..i may be wrong but the govt policy can still be are we in dilemma?..think out of the for change..why not?..

  13. Iban Miskin, when the leaders made a promise, it was meant to be dragged on and on, from one Malaysia Plan to another, with a very good reason – fund not available yet or the priority have changed with time.

    They (the BN) make the changes as easy as they make the promise (I quote Datuk Tajem in one of his campaign in Bayor, Sri Aman decades ago – “Enda mati kitai enti bula, enti kena sumpah maia kempen”)

    Hence, the rakyat have very little choice over the four or five years period but to keep on hoping. They demo, the police will call them demoCRAZY, and if you don’t vote for the BN, they will sideline you until you vote for them.

    What choice do we have? Pakatan Rakyat? Aren’t they human too? Aren’t they going to manage the same fund, from the same Bank Negara, from the same foreign reserve, from the same pot?

    Thanks to Paklah on his clarification recently during the SUPP assembly. Sarawak, due to its size needs 30 more years to be on par with West Malaysia as it is today.

    My son is in Form 2 next year and he will be 43 to see Sarawak having its FIRST LRT, to see its FIRST F1 track, to see its FIRST TWIN TOWER (what a joke!), and believe me or not (I’ll be dead by then) to see Sarawak’s FIRST EYE of the WORLD .. hahahahaaa ..

    Whatever you enjoy in KL today, give it another 30 years than it’ll be crossing the South China Sea and land on our shores – that’s what Pak Lah meant .. so don’t ask for more today but be patient and wait for another 30 years.

    Whoever Sarawakian babies born in 2009 will be the luckiest.. groom them to be a F1 driver because by then we, in Sarawak, can be proud of the F1 track, right at our doorstep.

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