Tapestry of Life – Shal Sagan

Wow..! I didn’t know that we have an international Kenyah artist until last night. Shal Sagan is the youngest sibling of our Deputy MITI Minister, Dato’ Jacob Dungau Sagan.

Check her out at http://www.shalsagan.com

7 thoughts on “Tapestry of Life – Shal Sagan”

  1. heard her sing… not exactly the best thing ive heard…
    singers in pubs have better voices… and im not even kidding…

  2. hmmm.. well, i agree with anon. as a musician myself, i know this type of girl. she has passion in music but has no talent!!

    she has money, she has her parents so that’s it, making her own syok sendiri album. she’s tone deaf, she can’t sing.. what so grand about her???

    she’s just another avril lavigne wannabe… piercing ur tongue, layering off your hair, doing tattoo don’t make you a cool rocker.. u r just a poser!

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