My new 3.5G toy

After searching tail-to-tail of Miri City, and spending hours of surfing the Net, reading reviews, I finally decided to purchase the HTC P3600i PDA at a price of RM1,950.00 from one of the mobile shop at Imperial Mall today..

Switched the gadget on.. there.. 12 January 2007 is the date of the Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro and 12 January is my birthday..

8 thoughts on “My new 3.5G toy”

  1. How would you compare it with Blacbberry? I like the email facility in Blackberry. Even in Pontianak my friend was able to receive email.

  2. USB, Windows Mobile 6.1Pro comes built-in with email and Internet browser. You can have more than one email account too.

    As long there’s 3G, or slower GPRS, you should be able to retrieve your email.

  3. Self proclaimed Uchu Keling,

    Kasih amat aku meda nuan….enda perlu madah ba blog meh if only purchase 3G phone…enti meli bungalow ila anang enda madah au kita ka peturun keling……

  4. Anak Mit, thank you for your sympathy. Our hobby and interest may differ, and I do not see anything wrong in sharing mine.

    I cannot afford a bangalow so my readers will not expect any such invitation.

    I can only afford to share what is within my means and my knowledge is FOC to all.

    Happiness is not so much in having as sharing.

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