Latest Malaysian record: Longest time taken to build a road

1. Can the rakyat send the Works Ministry a show-cause letter?

2. Who should be blame for this historical event? The (a) people for being so patient, or (b) the people’s representatives for not-so transparent in the progress, or (c) the State Government for defending (b), or (d) the Heavenly Empire of Barisan Nasional under the good hands of UMNO Leaders or (e) you, who have drawn the big X on the ballot paper.

We, the rakyat would like to propose this sentimental piece of event to be entered into The Malaysian Book of Records for the category – Malaysia’ Longest Time Taken to Build a Road.

Another category that the MBOR may consider – The Biggest Lie in Malaysian Road Construction History

9 thoughts on “Latest Malaysian record: Longest time taken to build a road”

  1. hahahaha…

    another joke from the Chief Monster and Prime Monster.

    This year full of joke. Wait for comment from our very own Deputy Chief Monster aka future Pehin Sri

  2. This is not the only longest time taken to build road. The road to Mukah is one of them. people who goes back to Mukah for christmas or the June holidays would know. Every Christmas have to pray hard that there the rainy season is the minor one.
    The road is still not complete. its still muddy,still with stones. not to mention potholes.
    Can forget driving back with the sedan car (proton car is worst – mysterious creaking sound when back to City).
    Since i was born there till today,that bloody road is still not fix.

  3. Nasib enti olih 4wd..enti baka aku ka ngena Kancil tuk kada alah tuju jalai nya deh boss…ka meli 4wd gaji ciput mai gak…..

  4. All Petronas profits from oil and gas for 1 year is enough to used to give clean water and electricity 24hours to all longhouses in Sarawak including connecting all longhouses with Tar-Seal roads to the big cities.. Clearly, after 45 years joining Malaysia, UMNO/BN goverment have no intention to help the Dayaks people. All the money that Petronas get from our oil and gas is only used to help the Malays people and Malaya.. UMNO/BN party treat us the Dayaks people just like Orang Utan. Because only Orang Utan don’t need Clean Water, Electricity and Tar-Seal road..
    After 45 years joining Malaysia, let us Sarawak and Sabah get out from this racist Malaysia country..


  5. kira oknya…baru dibuka 80-an.Perati jalai pasar Pakan datai ng.engkamop. Dibuka taun 70-an, sampai diatu lalu bedau ga ditar. Kumbai kurang mensia maioh ga.kumbai nadai sumber ekonomi maioh ga. lada, getah, kayu???. Kayu kenyau ari 1986 suba udah diangkut ari menoa tu.Enda iboh maioh, semak jako kulit kayu ja dah cukup kena ngetar jali mina (18 batu).Ti lada…Sarikei antara pusat lada terbesar Sarawak. Pusat pengeluar ke bendar ari Jalai Engkamop-Ulu Sengaih, Ulu Kemalih, sepemanjai ai Entabai.orang bertanggungjawab mesti cakah mutar ka tu.

  6. Minta tuai kitai ari rumahdayak tu ngaga laporan polis, minta polis nyasat nama kebuah jalai tu enda nemu tembu, lalu tau mega lapor ngagai BPR.Kitai enda ulih biarkan hal tu agi laban bangsa kitai udah bendar amat dikemeli ka orang bukai.Kitai enda ulih arap ka menteri bangsa kita nulong atau ngari ka kitai laban sida iya nya semina ka ngaya ka diri empu lalu sida mega udah dibeli orang.

  7. hmmm…from childhood to adulthood, the road remain the same.been thru hell there alright, got stuck for hours in the mud. slippery when wet!! goin to kampung via Lapok road is an experience. cowboy sekali!maybe my kids will experience the same IF there is no changes to come.

  8. It is all about HOPE.Let us continue to HOPE that one day the road will be materialised.

    It is just like ADVENT – the time for waiting.

    We need to pray hard,persistent and continuous.

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