Hazardous Taman Selera playground needs quick action

It has been a while since I brought my family to the children playground at Taman Selera in Tanjong Lobang, Miri. I heard it was closed for a few months for renovation, and of course, we are so anxious to enjoy the newly renovated playground. However, that was not the case as captured here.

The latest news I get from reliable source: The replacement is on the way to Miri. Tough to decide on the urgency of safety aspect and the cost incurred to bring in the replacement from Kuala Lumpur.

Do you we need someone to sue the City Hall for an accident caused by using the hazardous playground, before they decide to bring in the parts using air freight?

The best option now is to close that playground immediately and get it replace (no no.. don’t even think about replacing the stand – new ones, please).

Remember, its holiday season for the school children. So, don’t spoil their good times with visit to hospitals.

3 thoughts on “Hazardous Taman Selera playground needs quick action”

  1. Wow, I never noticed the “tiled” seats. Who’s the Smart Alec that came up with such a hilariously stupid idea?

  2. Sometimes I have to scratch my head – what happened to the Councils after all these while… sad to see their performance is going down

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