Lost city of Sibu

To Mr. Hii, who is a local, wrong signage may be confusing, and to me, who travel back home to Saratok during festive season is even worst.

Many times I have avoided entering Sibu due to the phobia of not able to drive in Sibu. Try driving from the roundabout entry from Selangau and entering Sibu.. is it very clear that road sign showing Sibu Town, Lanang Bridge, etc?

To be save, I would rather take the long distance travel via Durin Bridge, to Julau, etc.. It may takes longer, but I am sure I won’t be lost.

Thank you to Borneo Post for highlighting this “phobia”.. it is indeed one! If it was a clear road sign, we could have spend a hundred ringgit in Sibu for the good kampua and tasty Foochow cusine. As for now, we will keep that hundred ringgit and spend it at Jakar instead.

8 thoughts on “Lost city of Sibu”

  1. yea, u are right. sibu town no ‘signboards’. we do get lost every time we drive into sibu town to sarikei. rather use durin road.

  2. Let’s hope the Council can have a very very very serious meeting on placement of GOOD signboard in Sibu.

    Don’t only know how to bring people to court, but ask why it happen instead.

    Sikit-sikit court, saman, etc.. people don’t simply do things like that unless it is really disturbing them.

  3. FYI, the road condition for the whole stretch of durin (from airport onwarsd) is beyond ‘drivable’. Naim cendera is darn slow.

  4. hmm, using lanang is still better, let me teach u some manual gps, at the roundabout (from BINTULU, selangau side) take 3 o clock to sibu town. go straight down the dual carriage way until you reach a traffic light, turn left to the new-but-not-so-new ‘4-lane – bypass’ to Farley, new singkwong hypermarket area. reaching the roundabout, take 12 o clock and go straight(passing tru sinking roads) until you reach another roundabout, take the 2nd turning to LAnang, you will pass by CCK’s TIong Su Kok’s house on ur right until u reach a traffic light, go straight to Lanang Bridge and get ready RM3(saloon, unser),Rm5 for 4WD. guud lak.

  5. The comment made is damm right. Many of my friends who are from semenanjung who drive to sibu don’t know how to get out. Some even rent a taxi,to show them direction until they reach the proper directional signboard whether to kuching or bintulu. Sibu folks may laugh at this but mind you others find it very difficult to drive out from sibu. This is no joke but really happened.

  6. CAn anyone help me about Saratok? Where is it exactly and which is the nearest airport and hotel there? Is it very far from Kuching town and distance please?

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