Honey, I shrunk the Clinic

Miri is a growing city with slow growing population (ya ya.. only the number of motor vehicles have increased). When the city grow, the population also grow with it.

I wonder why the Health Department shrink their Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak (errr.. sort of Maternity Clinic) which was previously located near the Shell Station in town.

Now they have moved to the little corner of the shophouse near the Nirvana Memorial Office.

Not only it is crowded, parking is a problem.. moving inside it is a HUGE problem to the pregnant ladies.. u imagine la!

ONLY in BN Government it happen.. flipfloppy I guess.

3 thoughts on “Honey, I shrunk the Clinic”

  1. It’s Golden Hill Memorial Park..Not Nirvana, two different companies, Same nature of biz. :)

  2. That right view UK.Vry sad.What the other action from the Heath Depatment.Is it they look well this situation??

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