Case of an inefficient government administration

The complaint sound so simple! You hate bad smell emitted from a nearby pig farm, when you goes to bed every night. You then flip through the local phone directory and found a number of your local council or city hall. You call them and they asked you to write in.

Hmm.. maybe logging a report online is much faster today.. so you logged in to their Talikhidmat and report your case – bad smell and hoping that bad smell will be looked into and then you can go to bed peacefully (breathing fresh air).

Talikhidmat will send the report to ‘what they think is/are the correct department’ to look into our complaint. I tell you – a bad smell – needs FOUR government agencies to solve (if it can be solve).. well I found it out after months of smelling the bad smell and in the end my case was closed UNSOLVED!

10 emails were exchanged during the period (from 24th April until 3rd October) where the last one seek your input.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is a message from MIRI CITY COUNCIL

We would like to ensure that you have been satisfactorily attended to.

Kindly be informed that our support team has responded to your request for

Reported matters : Public Health Nuisances Action Taken : Request referred to authority i.e. Veterinary Unit of Agriculture Dept. for attention

We trust that you are happy with our service and that we may close this call.

Kindly reply to this email within 2 days if you find our service unsatisfactory.
Your feedback is important for us. Please check [x] where appropriate:

[ ] Request not attended at all
[ ] Request attended but unsatisfactorily (please attached your remarks)


Public Service Personnel

How can I give an answer if the problem remains? Poor City Council who needs to deal with people like me, and their colleague, elsewhere, in the other three government department, does nothing! At the end of the day, they will get their bonuses.. damn!

Paklah failed! So this Najib fella.. can he solve this bloody inefficiency? Answer will come to you next year (God’s willing). Or else,… we need breathing apparatus to sleep.

Should have think of setting up a shop selling fresh air tank (just like reverse osmosis – selling treated LAKU water) in Taman Da Sing and its surroundings.

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  1. Update:

    MCC had already written a letter to NREB Miri office on 8 April 2008 to inform them about this complain.

    The latest status now is on 8 Oct 2008, NREB HQ Kuching had issue a letter to inform the owner of the farm to construct the waste treatment plant.

    For affected residence, please kindly contact NREB Miri (9th floor) at 085-437488/427419.The reference no. of the letter is (8NREB/E/03).

    Thank you.

  2. This is my submitted case:

    Ticket: T-7KLH6W

    Tempat memanggang (BBQ) di Tanjong Lobang telah diganti dengan yang baru. Beberapa kerja lain seperti penaanaman bunga dan lanskaping juga telah dimulakan beberapa bulan yang lepas.
    Sehingga sekarang,
    1) kerja kerja membuat tempat BBQ belum selesai sehingga menyukarkan pengunjung yang ingin menggunakan kemudahan tersebut. Bilakah kerja pengubahsuian dijangka siap?
    2) Longgokan tanah yang dibuat mengganggu aliran air menyebabkan air bertakung
    3) Tiada lampu menerangi kawasan tanjong lobang pada waktu malam, jeti juga harus disediakan lambu bagi tujuan riadah dan mengurangkan aktiviti yang tidak sihat
    4) Tandas ditutup terlalu awal – pada jam 5, sepatutnya tutup pada jam 10 (seperti yang dilekatkan pada dinding)
    6) Kekurangan tong sampah – Tong sampah terlalu kecil untuk memuatkan sampah pada cuti umum dan hujung minggu

    3 days later:

    Pusat Talikhidmat

    The above Talikhidmat touching on various facilities at Taman Selera,
    has been forwarded to Council’s Landscaping Division for necessary
    attention. For your information, the public park is undergoing
    up-grading and it needs longer time to complete the project owing to bad
    weather for the past few weeks.
    Sekian, harap maklum dan terima kasih.
    Pegawai Perhubungan Awam, Majlis Bandaraya Miri.


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