Where is the diesel subsidy?

All the media is focusing on Sept. 16 dateline, the RPK Case, the Datuk Ahmad Ismail racist statement, and little is written on the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional’s delivery of subsidised diesel to rural Sarawak. Day by day, night after nights, we are waiting and as usual, from one election to another.

We thought it was fast, like they said, immediate implementation.. And, now they are planning (planning stage, you know) to build rural distribution centres (that too will take ages to be approve)… by then the rural community will face tougher life. 

To me, the Barisan Nasional is no longer look upon as a good deliver.. and with the growing corruption cases among the top management, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… Malaysia is sick! Sick of politicians who have nothing else to do but saving their own assholes.

There is nothing better than a BIG CHANGE.. Even the Americans are going for a major change of leadership – the first black President!

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5 thoughts on “Where is the diesel subsidy?”

  1. Malaysia is still rich with resources. It’s the leaders who are not responsible and smart enough to allocate funds to the various sectors for development. What the govt is doing is to resolve the immediate struggle of the rakyat. But what about human development and the increase in wealth of the lower income group. What happen to the Dayaks in the longhouses and the kampungs? Are they enjoying the benefits of the Malays? Even the Malays are still suffering due to poor management of funds.

    Yes Fed Govt announce a big chunk of a few billions to Swk and Sabah. But as long as the same leaders are still in control, we know very well where the money will be channeled to.

  2. I believe RM2billion have been allocated to Sarawak before the Budget 2009 was mentioned in Parliament. What happen to that RM2billion? If indeed there’s fund, I believe we will see work being done on the ground.

    The Durin-Pakan Junction Road is still in a mess, etc etc etc..

    Anyway, thanks to Penang for the RM2billion.

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