We should be getting 25pc of the oil royalty

4 thoughts on “We should be getting 25pc of the oil royalty”

  1. federal will take time to review it..to me; its better to actually put a simple term for federal; as long price goes up = return to each sarawakian as dividend.No more thru the CM. or else; that old man sitting there taking money drink whisky.

  2. I agree with sirsc.Increase in royalty does not necessary mean Sarawak and Sabah will develop faster. More funds mean the temptations to misuse them is always there. There is no guarantee that the more fund we have – the better we are. Proper planning and sincerity to help develop the country is what we need. We are still developing not doubt about it but the question is at what pace?

  3. galau;
    proper planning only come when there is right person and know things well inside out.
    Make it simple; if you are to hire someone from outside who know nuts about Sarawak; what will he do? sit and take money and do not listen. You can see that when Bn in power.

    foundation is there; reliable one is never there.In politics; its all dog bite dog and see who bleed 1st or more brutal; who chop whose head before even there is actions taken.

    human by nature; is greed- none are reliable. the best now is to give everyone the dividend of the royalty; n then with the money come the mind to build own states. simple solution n possible to be done.

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