Unhygienic and illegal wiring at Tamu Seberkas

While we welcome the authority move to set up the weekend tamu at Seberkas Commercial Centre near the Pujut Interchange, it is also another good move to construct a public toilet and proper power points for the night hawkers.

At the moment almost all of the hawkers are powered by nearby shops. I am not sure if its a legal connection, but on safety aspect, it is indeed hazardous.

With the tamu growing popularity and now with the ramadhan bazaar, the construction of a public toilet is indeed a welcoming Hari Raya gift for the bumiputra traders trading the delicious local delicacies at Tamu Seberkas.

Oyaa.. the traders need a source of water supply too to clean up their stalls.

Ooo… YBhg Dato Mayor, please heard us loud and clear.

One thought on “Unhygienic and illegal wiring at Tamu Seberkas”

  1. do you think he cares? retirement is just round the corner for him. maybe the next person who take his seat will look into this aspect to gain more support from the local..

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