The students’ sex video clip

This post refer to the recent news report on the controversy regarding video image of students indulging in sexual acts( Borneo Post 23rd, 24th & 25th Sept, 2008). Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing claimed that he had brought the matter to the Director of Education Dr. Julaihi Bujang asking him to carry out investigation and take appropriate action. But Tiong said he was disappointed with Julaihi who said that “he could do nothing because there was no evidence”. For that Tiong asked Julaihi to resign from his post as director of education Sarawak.

The President of Sarawak Teachers Union (STU) William Ghani Bina and the Chairman of Sarawak Bumiputera Teachers’ Association Ahmad Malie as well as Chairman of Sarawak Headmasters Council Abang Sapali Abang Sepawi, in their support for the director of education, objected to Tiong’s call for Julaihi to resign. They said it is unfair. They claimed that the cases have not been reported to any party or school and the department. Therefore, they said the director would not know of such cases. Aren’t they supposed to be prihatin and take the initiative to check this allegation.

The reasons given by these teachers and headmasters associations in defence of the director of education are not tenable. This is because before the matter was blown up by the media Tiong had already informed Julaihi about the sex video clip and asked him to carry out investigation. It was only after Julaihi failed to do anything that Tiong asked him to resign. Thus, unions leaders cannot say that the cases have not been reported to any party or school and the department. The fact that Tiong had informed Julaihi about the cases is sufficient report for Julaihi to commence with investigation. It is unacceptable for Julaihi to say that “there was no evidence” when he never carry out any investigation. He could have asked Tiong to give him the video clip which is the evidence, if Tiong had not already given it to him when Tiong first informed him of the cases. There is no need for a formal report like Police report, for example, or written report to be made before investigation can be carried out. Only Police investigation requires report to be lodged first before investigation is carried out but not with internal investigation which can be carried out upon receipt of oral report or information.

Tiong is right for being very concern because sexual acts by students are very serious matters that not only parents but the whole society should be concerned with as students are not sent to school to indulge in sexual activities but to study.

Perhaps, the students who have committed these sexual acts may be influenced by what they may have seen from pornographic videos which are easily available at  video shops  found in all towns in Sarawak. The relevant authorities should carry out enforcement duties to confiscate all the pornographic CD/VCDs sold in these shops.

This episode is a case of deteriorating discipline in schools. In the good old days even a case of male student harassing female student is unheard of. In those days schools were highly disciplined especially under the expatriate principals who brook no nonsense. It is hoped that the relevant authorities will look into these sad incidents and take the necessary action instead of trying to defend the indefensible.

In my personal opinion, we, the rakyat, as well as parents, should give our full support to Datuk Seri Tiong for being vocal on this issue. Datuk Seri also highlighted not longer ago another issue regarding student discipline. In actual fact, we should be grateful if other MP or people’s representative to be like Datuk Seri Tiong.

By all mean Datuk Seri, get rid of those who are not performing in addressing disciplinary issues in our schools.

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  1. This is a serious problem and should be tackle immediately. Every one of us is some how a father or a mother to our kids. Even the teachers and the education officers themselves are having children of their own. I am sure they will not want things like these happen to their children.
    We should should not blame and pointing fingers at each other but should help to find solutions to these problems.

  2. Dept to probe sex video of students in Sarawak

    THE Sarawak Education Department had been instructed to investigate a sex video clip involving six male students and a female student, reported China Press.

    Deputy Education Minister Dr Wee Ka Siong said the ministry took the issue seriously as it involved students performing such acts while in their uniforms.

    “We have to identify the time and place the video was filmed before we can take any action,” he said.

    He said it was also important that the ministry strengthen sex education and character-building among the young as part of the education process.

    Dr Wee received a complaint from Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing who was dissatisfied with the response from state education director Dr Julaihi Bujang after he highlighted the issue.

    It was reported that Tiong was incensed when he was asked to show proof of his allegation that the students involved had recorded their act on mobile phones or digital cameras, with an incident allegedly taking place in a school toilet last year.


  3. There’s a lot that is happening behind the school perimeters that we do not know. Sometimes the schools do no not want it to reach the higher level like the Education Department until someone exposes it. Many of my journalist buddies have recieved news from the students themselves but they are unable to publish anything unless the school authorities give their cooperation. Lest these news will never reach the Departemental Director for reasons best known to the school only. Maybe they do not think that we parents should not know about it too. I suggest parents also have a forum with our teacher friends at Maybe we need our Tech Savvy parents to discuss with these tech savvy teachers online.

  4. It takes a Datuk Seri to voice out those concerns then, and only then those concerned take proactive stance in “looking” into his complaints.Otherwise it would have been swept cleanly under the carpet ,so to speak, like other “happenings” before this. What a sorry state

  5. Sekula bisi atur enda ngasuh nembiak mai mobile phone. Kekadang atur nya enda dipejalaika enggau terit. Nembiak ulih mai iya ke sekula lalu ngereja pengawa begambar ba agu sekula.

    Nyadi kitai ke apai indai tau nanya diri empu kapa kitai meli mobile phone ke mar ke anak kitai ke bisi tau dikena ngambi gambar? Kala enda kitai madah ngagai sida bala anak ngelalau sida pasal bekenaka phone? Mobile phone tu baka duku enti salah kena tau nganu.

  6. ahhh,,,that is life.if,,if lah aku nyadi directornya,pun sama.kerja kerajaan bah,semua org nemu.peda dulu bala cikgu,,,aku rasa pun cegu,meda.
    enti aku baka D.S.tiong pun sama, udah kerja ia.MP, carry on la jak la.
    tu jako aku.

    who dares win.

  7. It is a sad thing to happen in the school but the school authorities trying to place it under the carpet very conveniently. this happens in west malaysia too … our system is rotting!

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