Sept. 16 – Beginning of a new era for Malaysia?

While we in Sarawak and Sabah acknowledge the date as the offical date for the formation of Malaysia, our brothers and sisters in the peninsular couldn’t be bother with it since they achieved their independence on 31 August 1957. Their history and our history is different.

However, today, the whole nation is focus on the Pakatan Rakyat’s attempt to form a new Malaysian government. Will they be able to form the government today?

Over in Kuching, PR had a flag rising ceremony to marked the 45 years of the formation of Malaysia. And later this evening, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is scheduled to be in Miri for a dinner organise by the local branch.

Will Miri become a landmark in history?

6 thoughts on “Sept. 16 – Beginning of a new era for Malaysia?”

  1. silap aribulan boulevard restoran kena tutup atas tuduhan menyokong perhimpunan harammmmm… ;p

  2. Anwar is having a press conference in KL now (2.33pm) and there’s no way he can fly to Miri for the dinner.. unless he have his own private jet.

  3. Source: Malaysiakini

    Anwar: We’ve now the required numbers
    Sep 16, 08 2:40pm

    Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim insisted he has in excess of 31 government defectors and call on Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi not to implement emergency rule during the takeover.

    At a packed press conference at 2pm today, he urged the ruling Barisan Nasional to commit to a peaceful handover of the government and not resort to emergency rule.

    “We want a peaceful transition. We hope that Barisan will not put up emergency rule to stop MPs from going to Parliament or arrest (government) MPs or stop them from joining Pakatan Rakyat,” he said.

  4. bakani ka mentuk kerajaan baru sedangkan apin ulih community kena mentuk kerajaan nya… anang ka pecaya amai mega. kumbai baka meli manuk ba makit, Perintah ke diatu pan kelalu lemik… defenseless.

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