I almost fell off my seat this morning when I read this post over at RumahDayak. How people perceive the situation differently and being the only one who is in control, the whole thing was totally different what I view and did.

When the database got into technical problem due to the script, people see it as something I did to delete post etc.

The Actual Thing
RumahDayak runs on phpBB and have more than 30 add-on modules. One of the module is to screen new registration and the other is to prune unactivated users. Everytime I do a pruning task, some of the post went missing. It have something to do with the date and time of the post because not everything was deleted.

And making it worst, the database is more than 100Mb in size. Who the hell have so much time to go and check where it went wrong.

My idea of a photogenic competition is to look for someone who is photogenic – a face that looks good, pretty and beautiful to view.

Well.. let me tell you who have gone through the postings.. it is all wrong perception! Hahahahaaa…

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