Open Invitation to the Prime Minister of Malaysia

Dear Prime Minister,

Please schedule & book your visit to Sarawak after Hari Raya Puasa for road system review starting from Kuching To Limbang.

The trip SHOULD be by land from Kuching To Limbang. You may want to bring your personal Doctor if required during that proposed trip. I suggest you ONLY use a low class Government car (a Proton Waja should be suffice), to review the road system better in term of stability, smoothness, and the “goodness” of roads in Sarawak. You may want to highlight / table out the road system review report done by your self at DUN sitting rather than listening to our Chief Minister of Sarawak’s monthly budgetary expenditure report.

Your confirmation on this proposal is highly appreciated.

Thank You.

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5 thoughts on “Open Invitation to the Prime Minister of Malaysia”

  1. The PM should also take a 2-week vacation because one or two days is just not enough for him to do a reality report and PLAN a good PLAN.

    LRT? Such a waste of public fund to pay the consultant when its viable in 20-100 years to come.

    The immediate issues should be address first.

    P/S: The Honourable PM, please camp at Miri Airport Road to enjoy the sinking road better.. (including the nightly Man with the Pail show) It is high time that you employ the right expatriate to solve the matter because Malaysians are just not good enough.

  2. Biasa la Putrajaya, they do not have the term – autoresponder.. so we are not sure if our emails are being read or not.

    I remembered sending two to Paklah before the elections.. until today, it is as good as in my Sent Item box.

  3. support uchu; Uchu; did you send to his mail?
    I hope he read before making big shit mess on sarawak.
    Ini orang putrajaya not that brainy of Borneo island; i worried he masuk longkang half way :lol:

  4. By the way, dont forget to ask him to bring along samee V to act as his driver and jaboo as his tourist guide in case he loose his way along our state’s “Highway”

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