Malaysian politics a setback to rural Sarawak

Damn this government of the day! They really have nothing else to do except to struggle to stay in power. Day by day, it is becoming sick. People are arrested under the Internal Security Act for complaining the noise of emitted from the loudspeaker for the call of the Islamic morning prayer, journalist are arrested too for writing what she heard.

And the man who said it was punished with a 3-year suspension! Jesus Christ… this is the Boleh Sick Land!

And due to all that, plus the coming UMNO elections, poor Sarawak will have to bear the pain of the current economic situation more and longer.. no one in Sarawak actually knows when will the implementation of the beautifully said, announced and documented 9th Malaysia Plan..

We do not know when we will received the fleet card to purchase subsidised diesel to power our longhouses. We do not know (worst still) if the system that runs to card system works. We do not know when the roads will be able to service our 1000 c.c cars, we do not know when will the price of our cooking gas comes down to RM30 in Ulu Baram.. and the list of We do not know.. goes on. Even the Dayak reps do not now, maybe the only person who knows is the CM and the State Secretary because it is all classifies as OFFICIAL SECRET.

Too good to be true.. but there is ONE thing we know today.. the reality of Malaysia is SICK! Even this student dare to seek the government to release the detainees..

3 thoughts on “Malaysian politics a setback to rural Sarawak”

  1. Orang di semenanjung din kelebih agi sida ke nyadi tuai sigi nadai pengawa bukai sigi belaya nganu pangan diri – sama sama ngeringka bansa diri. Sapa orang ke amat ngempu tanah semenanjung enti ukai sida semai, senoi, jakun, negrito, temiang, temiar enggau ke bukai. Bisi kala orang ingatka sida tu? Most of these people are poor (I’m not sure whether we should call them being marginalised, victimised or oppresed). Now they are almost preserved as National Heritage. Enda ibuh ngusung menua sida; meda ba tv aja udah chukup – meda pemerinsa sida.Perati kitai ngagai perlembagaan menua – terang terang madahka undand-undang endang bisi nyebut pasal nyaga hak orang asli nyengkaum di Sabah enggau Sarawak mih nya. Engka nya baka nyaga jelu siga baka orang utan enda diasuh sekula, diberi infrastructure kini.

  2. well uchu…you see now the implication of *act of desperation* by ruling govt?

    one in Msia should know well; the Warlords of west is just worried of losing power;the slaves under is never taken care; complexity is there..causes..sarawakian who know nuts is also being hit.

    you protest; you waste energy; you say too put to wise; use your knowledge to seize power from shall come along soon.

    play the game of fire is not to step on fire; but to make the pain feel by others.
    reverse it; you find the answer.

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