By all mean please resign en bloc

Gone are the days when Sarawak football fans used to travel from as far as Lawas, Limbang, Miri, Bintulu, Sibu, Sri Aman and Lundu just for one common purpose – to support the Reds Nyap Sayot team. These fans even spend to watch Sarawak play away games in West Malaysia.

Today, Sarawak is best known for its empty and next-to-nothing stadium. It was a shame to watch the roller on the field during the last Youth World Cup.

And, on today’s BP Sports article, the Vice President of the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) even threathen to resign en bloc in respond to Datuk Mawan’s call to quit last Monday. By all means, Mr. Paruwadi, please do it fast! Maybe a new team should take over the management of the Sarawak football team. And, Datuk Mawan, in my opinion do not need or deserve to be the President of FAS even.. But, there is nothing wrong with him to call for those benchwarmers to quit..

FInally, any Sarawak football fan at my age will love and support any move to build a new management team. We love to be back banging the drums and enjoying a game of great football.. at least we could see someone from our division have the chance to play for Sarawak.

The new team must stand up for what they believe in and not being remotely controlled from the grandstand during games.

Quit if you cannot perform: Mawan
By Martin Yee
Published on 01 Sept. 2008
Source: The Borneo Post

KUCHING: Those Sarawak FA officials who cannot see themselves as part of the development process of Sarawak’s football are urged to leave and give way to those who can contribute to football development in the state.

Officials who were ‘obstacles’ to progress should reassess their roles and quit the association as their continued presence would become extra ‘baggage’, said Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation Dato Sri William Mawan.

“Also, if they feel they have been in the association for too long and cannot contribute, they should step aside and give way to others who can.

“We have been very patient and the ministry cannot be seen as being directly involved in only one sport,” Mawan said at the Schools Under-16 League final at the Sarawak Stadium here recently, adding that FAS officials had not briefed him on the latest development in the game ever since the AGM early last month.

Mawan, who is also minister in-charge of sports, nevertheless said he would sit down with FAS officials soon to hear the latest developments. Central to the meeting would be issues and progress report on the proposed formation of the club entity and the five-year youth development programme.

He also expressed his disappointment when not even an FAS official was present at the final of the Under-16 final. Only volunteers were present.

“Our aim is to move Sarawak football forward through the five-year development plan and our Under-16 league cannot be dropped just like that as any project must have a beginning and an end.

“This project has far-reaching effect on the future of Sarawak football, and I am very keen to know what the next course of action is.

“We cannot be having the same players year after year, and this development programme serves to bring in new talented players, and if we want progress we must have continuity.”

Mawan said he was also not briefed on the latest progress on the formation of the new (club) entity, which he said, would bring a new concept to Sarawak football in the modern era.

The new concept called for FAS to be more competitive as it could bring in more sponsors rather than depending on grants from FAM and the state government.

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