BN new theme song: Its All Only A Plan

LRT in Sarawak (hahahahaaa….)
Excused me!.. The plan is good on paper and I wonders how much will the consultancy cost would be. On the other side.. what happen to the long overdue plan for Bakong-Long Lama road, Pujut-Lutong Road upgrading, Pakan-Durin Road, and many other roads.. and the LRT plan just add up to the good figures.

Subsidised Diesel
The plan was to implement it asap (withing 2 months) and today, its as good as the plan.. our longhouses have not even get it.

Rural Schools..
Hishammuddin planned to give stable electricity to all rural schools by end 2007 and today, its all only a plan..

My conclusion
Too much bullshitting and when it is not being delivered, this politicians cover themselves with storeys of paper plans!

3 thoughts on “BN new theme song: Its All Only A Plan”

  1. LRT in kuching; wtf? big bullshit lar who ever think of it.
    this is too much bullshit & not realistic!
    maybe its time to call cleaner to clean up those bullshits.

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