Bekenu needs some clean-up and fresh paint

Visitors to Bekenu bazaar will not miss this huge oil palm fruit located at its mini-park.

And the Bekenu esplanade is a favourite spot for anglers.

However, it does need regular maintenance..

We hope the Subis District Council will look into this matter as soon as possible because in every Malaysia Airlines plane, there is this huge “Visit Malaysia Year” logo.. and we do not want to give an impression to our tourist. (Ahh.. don’t tell me the rubbish needs more than one government department to look into the matter as in the case of our sinking road in Miri and the bad smell from a pig farm near Taman Tunku).

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3 thoughts on “Bekenu needs some clean-up and fresh paint”

  1. Maintenance is something that we are poor at. Look at most of the facilities provided by the government. It is very very hard to educate Asian people about cleanliness. Some parents always show bad examples to their children by throwing rubbish outside the rubbish bin or anywhere. Apart from that, the agency responsible for cleanliness or general maintenance is very clumsy. We may have first class facilities but we also have third class mentalities.

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