The Dayaks are better represented by non-Dayaks

Again, the Dayak representatives and leaders failed to respond to disaster such as the one that happened to the Punan tribe in Ulu Tatau recently. And, again the Chinese representatives are the first to appear on newsprint, responding to the issue.

What is the point of having Dayak reps when (at times like this) they are not there. 1st, they are too quiet in the Parliamentary or DUN seatings (well, exception to the Dayak ministers who have the obligation to answer), 2nd, they are too slow (or not responding at all) to events like this.

Recently, another Chinese reps urge the Dayak minister to keep organising forum, meetings that can assist and upgrade Dayak businesses. Why wait for the Chinese when we ourselves are the bumiputera?

Sick ..isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “The Dayaks are better represented by non-Dayaks”

  1. I read the BP this morning and hence was encouraged to post about it. Anyway, what was given to the victims is another issue, but the issue I am more interested is the ‘speed’ of our YBs in addressing this matter.

    Might as well we put all non Dayaks in our Dayak areas come next State election because for obvious reasons the non Dayak tend to respond faster.

    Or the journalist are not covering enough of what our Dayak YBs are doing.

    Or, if the offices of this YBs do not have capable people to run/administer/manage it, then what happen to all our Dayak graduates?

  2. emm…

    memang selalu macam tu. Local punya MP memang LEMBAB.

    Jangankan benda yang menyusahkanh, kita nak bagi YB makan pun mereka datang lambat…

    Sumpah, kalau tak percaya

  3. it is only right for Datuk Peter Chin to react as Miri is his constituency. On why no Dayak MPs taking action, hmmmmm … what is the definition of Dayak? Does Penan/Punan belong to Dayak?

  4. Maybe we should focus on to go forward. Forget those slow MPs or Adun. Permatang Pauh has shown us how. Besides we can do in many other ways and not just through politics or useless leaders. Sometimes its too painful to see Dayak are just too much behind

  5. Where were our so called Dayak leaders when news came to light that an Iban cemetery was being bulldozed not too long ago? Chickens.

  6. Headsteadi – I am as confused as you for the British identified us as Sea Dyaks and Land Dyaks and in the new definitions the Punans & Penans are in the Orang Ulu or Others? If we look at the Sarawak Dayak National Union – how many Orang Ulus and Bidayuhs are there? Maybe the Dayak Ministers are waiting for the Orang Ulus YB so we cannot really point the finger at the Dayak MP can we?

    This nomenclature thing is quite confusing its a wonder the Kadazan and Dusun (seperated at one time) call themselves Kadazandusun now. We have about 20 plus ethnic groups, maybe a common classification can be agreed. The common ones used for them now are the Non Muslim Bumiputeras :)

  7. For the sake of humanitarian ground, the Dayak YBs should help these people eventhough the Punan/Penan do not belong to their constituencies. However as usual they are very slow to react especially those related to helping fellow neighbours in whatever problems.

    Don’t bother about the definition of dayak, sea dayak, land dayak, orang ulu etc.; it is already their (Ybs) nature and can be seen in many instances. Iban has a proverb that says ‘remaung di rumah, tang raung di tanah’ which show clearly their behaviour. We are daring when come to quarrel or critize our own people; just dig out the old newspaper for evidences and fact. If this is going to go on let us choose people of other races to take care of us. Wakil rakyat and ministers are choosen to served not to be served.

  8. Deejay, yes indeed. Dayak refers to Iban and Bidayuh. Our distant cousins i.e. the Kayan, Kenyah, Kelabit etc are categorised as Orang Ulus. I’m quite sure the Penans/Punans fall into the same category as well. More often than not, culturally we tend to confuse ourselves and took for granted that Orang Ulu also celebrate Gawai, which is not the case.

  9. Salute,

    Yes, absolutely true that Iban MP is too slow and as Galau said, “remaung di rumah, raung di tanah” also true.

    Look at our Gawai Dayak festival for whole Malaysia, which MP raise this issue ? Maximus Ongkilili !! What happen to this lazy pig Iban MP, did they proactive in taken care of our Dayak issue ?

    Look also at issue (or so-called tragedy) in longhouse near Bintulu. Whereby Iban longhouse get bulldoze and torn-down by BDA and governmental agency. I understood and witness that police and army arm with rifle during the operation. Did Iban MP come-out and help those helplessly longhouse folk ? None of them !! Only Chinese MP rep present on that material time.

    So where we heading ?

    Accept non-Dayak MP take care of us ?

    Or we let this crack-pot dead and recruit new, young, dynamic and caring as our new MP ?


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